1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings

June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
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June 1942 Issue
For emergency calls such as FIRE, POLICE or AMBULANCE, please call the Police Station, Telephone Number 1717, or you may call the Operator and say: "I want to report a fire," "I want a policeman," or "I want an ambulance." The operator will connect you with the proper number. When the number answers, give the nature of the emergency and the address or location where the emergency exists. Wait for an acknowledgment before hanging up.
The operators are prohibited from giving information regarding fires to anyone except Firemen and Police. When fire alarm is heard, please do not call operators for location or information reference to fire and if possible defer all calls until sufficient time
has elapsed for notice to Firemen. This will save confusion, delay of Firemen and equipment, possible injury and loss of life.
The Clark County Defense Council and Telephone Company request that telephone services not be used during extreme emergencies except when such communication is vitally essential to defense, public health, welfare or security.
On account of being in a National Defense Area, a tremendous load has been placed on our telephone system. In order to save time, we urge subscribers to please refer to your directory at all times for numbers and listings before asking for information.
Southern Nevada Telephone Temporary Directory
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-2-  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
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Business Transactions with the Company
Business transactions are handled at the Business Office, the address and telephone number, 109 South Second Street, Telephone 101. If you desire a rate on a call which was made on a previous date, please call 1043; if the call was just completed, call 1603.
We realize that difficulties sometimes occur in spite of our best efforts to avoid them. When they do, we are anxious to correct them promptly and to take steps which will prevent them from happening again.
Orders for Service
To arrange for new or additional service, or if you wish telephone instruments moved or changed, service discontinued, or other service arrangements made, please get in touch with our Business Office.
Bills and Payments
Bills for service are issued monthly and are due and payable upon presentation.
When paying in person at the Business Office, it will save your time if you will have your bill with you. When paying by mail, please enclose the bill stub with your check. If the stub has been mislaid, you can make certain that your account will be promptly credited by writing your telephone number on the check. If you should desire any additional assistance or explanation regarding your bill, the Business Office will be glad to help you.
It is unlawful to use tokens or any coins other than the lawful coins of the U. S. A. in any telephone coin box. (Chapter 39, Sections 1 and 2, Nevada Statutes).
Attachments to Telephones
In the interest of good service, please do not use any devices on telephone equipment except those furnished by the Company. The devices claimed by agents to eliminate noise, to destroy germs, etc., are usually detrimental and interfere with good service.
Please call the Business Office if any unauthorized person requests access to, or tampers with telephones or other equipment.
Pronouncing Telephone Numbers
44—“Four, Four”
80—“Eight, Oh”
136—“One, Three, Siks”
509—“Fi-iv, Oh, Ni-yen”
1165W—“One, One, Siks, Fi-iv, Dubble Yoo”
2000—“Two Thousand”
2100—“Two, One Hundred”
Speaking Over the Telephone
Please speak slowly and clearly, in an even tone of voice, directly into the transmitter, with the lips just clearing the mouthpiece.
Please Listen for Signals
After placing a call, listen, for the Ringing Signal, or report from the Operator.
The Ringing Signal is a "burring” sound heard at regular intervals, indicating the called telephone is ringing. Allow the bell to ring long enough (2 minutes) so that the called party will have time to answer, as with our new equipment our operators have no way of knowing whether . or not the call is completed.
Calling from a Coin Box Telephone
V Instructions are posted on or near each coin box to tell you how to place calls.
A Charge will not be made on calls which are not completed.
Between successive calls, replace the receiver for at least five seconds.
Please report at once any service difficulties or coin collection error to the operator.
Answering Calls
Please answer promptly. You will save time when answering if you give your own number or name.
Directory Listings
1. Look under different spelling if you don’t find the name at first.
2. Look under initials and first names. For example, you may know a person as “Adam Smith,” but he may have chosen to be listed as "A Douglas Smith.”
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas        
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
3. Use the address as a check. For example, you may know, a person’s last name but the fact that he lives at a certain address will single him out from others of the same name.
Directory Accuracy
Every effort is made to compile and print this directory as accurately as possible. However, sometimes despite care and attention, errors will occur.
Please check your listing in this directory. If it is incorrect in any way, please call our Business Office so that it may immediately be corrected in our Information Records as well as in subsequent issues of the telephone directory. The Company does not assume liability because of errors or omissions.
In order that our records may be correct and up-to- date, we should appreciate prompt notification of any change in your listing. A Change of your house number or street name should likewise be called to the attention of the Business Office when it occurs.
Copies of This Directory
If you desire additional copies of this directory or if you did not receive the latest copy, please get in touch with our Business Office.
Day, Night and Sunday Rates
Day rates for long distance telephone service are in effect from 4:30 A. M. to 7:00 P. M. except Sundays. Night rates are in effect from 7:00 P. M. to 4:30 A. M. and Sunday rates all day Sundays. The time prevailing at the calling point when connection is established governs the application of Day, Night and Sunday rates.
Station-To-Station Calls
A Station-to-Station call is one on which you wish to talk with anyone who answers at the called station. The rates are less than on Person-to-Person calls.
1. Call “Long Distance,” giving her the name of the city, and the telephone number you are calling.
2. If the telephone number of the person called is not known, give the name and address, and tell the operator you will talk with anyone who answers the telephone.
3. Give your telephone number when the operator requests it.
4. Unless otherwise advised by the Long Distance Operator, wait on the line until the called number answers or die operator gives a report.
Person-To-Person Calls
A Person-to-Person call is one on which you wish to talk with a Particular Person Specified by You. If you wish to talk to a particular station of a private branch exchange without specifying a particular person, this is also classed as a Person-to-Person calL
To place a Person-to-Person call, proceed as follows:
1. Call “Long Distance," giving her the name of the city, and the telephone number and name of the person you are calling.
2. If the telephone number is not known, give the name and address of the person you are calling.
3. Give your telephone number and name when requested by the operator.
4. Unless otherwise advised by the Long Distance Operator, wait on the line until the called party answer or the operator gives a report.
If you wish to obtain the charge at the conclusion of a Long Distance call, ask the operator to “quote charges” immediately after you have given the called number information.
Appointment Calls
An appointment call is one on which you wish arrangements made in advance with the called station or person to talk at a specified time. Person-to-Person rates apply to calls of this nature.
Messenger Calls
A Messenger Call is a call for a particular person requiring a messenger to bring the desired person to a telephone. Person-to-Person rates apply to calls of this nature. The charge for the messenger is in addition to the Telephone Company’s message charge and applies even if the desired conversation is not hew
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-3  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
Abbott Tony r 112 W Adams..™   1271J
Acre Auto Court 1031 S 5th   .. 904
Ackerman Warren B r 1110 Norman.,1984,
Adams & Blackshear Public
Accountants Rms 15 & 16 Boggs
Bldg         . 994
Adams Grocery 816 E Fremont    _445
Adams A J r 601 S 6th     „  ..720
Adams IG r 600 S 4th       .1522
Adams H B r 302 N 12th—     ..186J
Adams H R Gen Contr 819 S Main  ..55
Adams Kenney D r 202 N 7th    ..1631
Adams Lee r 931 S 2nd       921
Adams Pearl r 224% N 1st    . .275
Adams, I M “Wally” r 1108 E Ogden.,2009
Adams Thomas L r 217 S 10th   .1942
Adcock O K r 420 S 3rd     - .176
Addison Charles r 117 S 8th Apt F  1129
Addy C J Mrs r 219 S 8th       1866
Adras George r 615 S 8th        _163
Adras James J r 214 S 9th       1391
Aero Villa Slk Hwy         360
Aguirre Clato Mrs r 120% S 1st    770
Air Express Div Railwy Agt UP Depot 1120
Airways Court Slk Hwy       -1743
Albertson W H r 221 S 8th   . 619W
Albright Bus Mach Co 106 S 2nd    787
Albright Geo H r 907 S 3rd      _1139
Albright Jack r 406 S 4th       _787J|
Allen E H r 2 Blks N Co Hosp     750
Allen E W r 124 S 3rd      . 69
Allen EW Real Estate 104 S 3rd   .238
Allen Frank r 316 S 6th     1406
Allen Freddie Mae r 1400 N “F”   1991
Allen Harry r 618 S 7th  .._    .941
Allen Mae Christ Sc Prac 124 S 3rd   69
Allis Chalmers Mfg Co
Monte Carlo Court 5      .—1590
Allis H r Wms & Main N LV      _167
Al’s Bar Inc 111 S 1st      804
Alward Fred S Atty
Rms 3-4 Clark Bldg          -855
Ammante Ernest r 1915 N 5th     -375
Ambassador Auto Crt 916 E Fremont—842
American Corporation 14 E Fremont .1612
American Decorating Co 214 E Lewis..462
Anderson Dairy 824 S 5th        177
Anderson Eugene F Mrs r 216 N 8th .686
Anderson Glenn O r 415 S 5th     1878
Anderson SJr 1200 S 5th     .1860
AndersonSWr 1200 S 10th . 1794
Anderson T A r 308 S 10th      1905W
Angelos Tony r 401 N “A”   . 778W
Annabel C H r 651 E Mesquite   .1958
Ansthruthers Basil Fenn r 1132 S 10th..l811
Anton John r 1503 S 5th .._    .1915
Apache Bar 106 N 2nd         _217
Apache Hotel 104 N 2nd       -.,.1600
Apache Restaurant 128 E Fremont .'  687
Arizona Hotel 221 N 1st        -1636
Armstrong Dewey r
“G” & W Monroe          1839
Arnold A L r Five Point Slk Hwy  .1336
Arnold C B Dr Chiropodist Rm 12
Delkin Bldg         1595
Arrowhead Puritas Water Co
512 S Main      .. 351
Artzberger H C r 1915 E Fremont   1114
Ashley G F r 813 S 3rd         1824
Ashworth Don E r Huntridge Add’n .l957
Associated Realty Buyers
Rm 10 Delkin Bldg       1615
Atkinson Larry C r 617 E Ogden—  .849
August Louis Lt r 1st & Sunrise  ..1568
Austin Harry H Atty
Rm 10 125 S 2nd         - 820
Austin Harry H r 529 S 9th    .. 699
Automobile Club So Calif 107 N Main..116
Aye R E Sgt r 445 N 11th   .. 1958
Ayers Bert r 507 S 8th    ..
B & H Grocery Store
402 W Bonanza Rd          .314
Baez Leo P r 203% N “C”       _296
Baginski Joe Sgt r 511 N 11th    _1538
Bagsley A r 710 E Ogden—    1089
Bailey C M r 212 N 4th       —257
Bailey Claude r 515 S 7th    
Bailey Elbert r 1314 S 1st      1763
Bailey J B r 224 S 8th   .. "l341
Bair Sign Shop 122% N 1st    ..".1224
Baker C D r 325 N 6th       .349W
Baker E r 215 E Bridger   .. 175W
Baker George H r 624 W Wilson ..1455W
Baker J M r 2nd & Sunrise    .1030W
Balcom R D Md r W Bonanza Rd   312
Baldridge J L Lt r 631 S 4th   .1976W
Baldwin B C r 2000 E Fremont   .1298
Baldwin Harold r 914 S 3rd     .617
Baldwin Wayne Dr 620 W Wilson .l339W
Ball Emily Christ Sci Prac 210 N 7th .291
Ball Frank Groc & Mkt 404 S 2nd  .124
Banner Joe r W Bonanza Rd     1419
Bank of Nevada hd off 102 E Fremont..l780
Banta Stanley r 405 N 6th      .317
Barclay Ward r 13th & E Carson   1810
Bare J E r 904% S Main       868J
Barker Felton r 18 Cleveland N LV .1891
Barnett C C r 416 E Bridger     1574
Barney’s Grocery 1834 N Main    569
Barnson Lawrence r 522 W Washington  
Barnum R J r 330% N 11th     .1318
Barraco Edward r 1010 S 3rd    .1862
Barrett Bud S r 633 W McWilliams  189
Barrett Thomas r 706 W Bonanza Rd .705
Barron Ben L r 202 S 11th     ..-664
Barozzi Angelo r 223% N 2nd    .1334
Barsaloux Irene r 716 S 4th     643
Bartenders Union Loc 165 Oasis Bldg .563
Bartling Geo E Lt r 605 E Ogden  1528J
Bartlett Bros Hdwe Co 104 E Fremont .44
Bartlett B E “Bud” r 424 N 6th_44J
Bartlett Bob & Adelene r 723 S 2nd—1460
Bartlett Fred r 419 S 2nd.—  . -75J
Bash Catherine r 812 S 6th    . 198
Basic Hotel 213 N 1st      .—.2011
Basic Magnesium Inc Call Long Dist .l640
Baskin & Porter Used Cars 114 S 2nd .l704
Baskin,R T r 721 S 2nd        942
Bates Walter B r 830 S Main     .398
Baxter E U r Park St        1454
Beam Frank Mrs r 704 S 9th   .. 677
Beard Geo W r 1865 Yale N LV  .1893W
Bearden J S r Back of Co Hosp  .1542W
Beatty Rulon K r 1835 Stanford N LV..1065
Beckley’s Store for Men
25 E Fremont Rm 201   .. 27
Beckley Will r 120 S 4th.—     521
Beebe O L r 831 S 3rd     .. 532
Behai Nelva J r 11 N “H” st     16
Behmer Floyd r 726 S 1st      .301
Belding Frank r 824 E Carson   ..1672
BellCEr615 N 9th   .. 745
Bellevue Hotel 215 N 2nd        178
Beilis Tom r 1111 3rd Place   .. 1379
Belongia J A r 1525 S Main    .1742W
Bement W A r 117 S 8th Apt K1623
Bennett Bert r 204 S 9th      ..619
Bennett C J r 212 E Garces     .1529
Bennett Charles r 1117 Frances Ave .1169
Bennett Cloyd r 800 E Bonneville1082
Bennett D E r 425 N 10th      1374
Bennett H L r 200 N 3rd_1581
Berentsen A K r 1129 Frances Place .l588
Berkabile James H r 823 S 3rd657W
Bernard Eugene r 314 E Lewis   .1044
Bertino Matt r 920 S 4th      ..1968
Bertrand J E r 24 E Clark   .. 1879
Beyer Harry G r 1105 S 3rd     552W
Bielocski Josephine r 223 N “G” st_1493
Billings H C Major Blakey Guest
Biltmore Homes Inc W Bonanza Rd
& N Main        1172
Biltmore Hotel N Main_.2200
Bingham R D r 115 S 9th1405
Birdneau G r 218 S 8th_ 813
Bitgood F S r J401 E Linden  _
Blackman A   5th
Blaine G C r 702 W Charleston blv  .702
Blanche Leland Swedish Masseuse
217 N 5th          810
Bleak Ray r 14 E Gass_1297
Bluchard Sadie r 400% N 8th    .1628
Blue Cab 1st & E Fremont  -  ..760
Blue Cab 127 N Main        .760J
Body Fender & rad Shope  829 s 5th
Boggs O C r 200 S 9th
Boles David L r 520 Division  J
goman George r W Boston   J
Bon Marche Beauty Salon 421 S
Bond Walter E r 126 N 11th  .
Bonnett R K Lt r 1820 Harvard .J
Borax Don r 1112 S 10th     ]
Borders W S r 330 N 6th    ..
Borsack Ed W r 610 S 9th   ..J
Botsford J C r 416 N 10th    .
Botts Lynn M r 524 S 2nd .
Boulder Auto Court 1100 S 5th ..]
Boulder Club 118 E Fremont  .]
Boulder Drug 121 E Fremont  .
Boulder Liquor Store 423 E FremJ
Boulder Taxi 118 E Fremont ..J
Boulder Trust Co 324 E Fremont .]
Boulderado Guest Ranch N W LV]
Bowen Wm Mrs r 429 N 7th  
Bower John A r 1904 Princeton—.
Bowman J M Mrs r Garden St   .2031
Boyer C C “Bob” r 519 N 7th—   469
Bozarth Walter r 18 N “B” st    -.9573
Bracken Walter R r 714 S 7th   .. 48
Bradley Tenny r 714 S 2nd-.1429
Brady F J r 504 S 9th    .. ,.785
Branch Marshall r 210 N 3rd ..— 1971
Brannen H O r 519 N 11th     2032
Breeze C D Atty Rm 1 Western U Bldg .8 .
Breeze C D Atty r 500 S 7th     .269
Bretches Ivan r 118 N 1st—1035
Brewer S A Mrs r 1934 Stanford-1790
Brick Arthur r 201 S 6th Apt 21.—  .612
Bridges Cleo Rm 18 Delkin Bldg  .1690
Bridges J C r 118 S 6th—-1885
Brimacombe A J r 820 S 4th.448
Brinley J Harold r 502 S 9th-152
Brodie W H r Knotty Pine Lodge 10 .324J
Brockway Esther A r 328% N 11th 1981
Brooks H L r 225 S 4th  -    ..524
Brown’s Furn Co 224 E Fremont  ..370
Brown B Mahlon r 526 S 7 th 249J
■Brown Bill r 419 A N 7th-1248
Brown C Mrs r 415 N 7th      371
Brown C D r 312 S 2nd     .. 1274
Brown Harlan r 429 N 10th-1662
Brown Perle S Mrs r 321 S 2nd251
Brown R S r 110 E Hoover-1897W
Brown Walter r 211% N 3rd    2030
Brownee A B r 306 N 1st Apt 1-1541
Brownee Jean r 223 N 1st       _661
Bruce C L r 17th & E Stewart-1079
Brundy D N r Tonopah Hwy1210
Bryant Katie r 316 N 7th1436
Buckley’s 107 E Carson-1830
Buckwald Wade r Stewart Ranch N 5th 975
Budweiser Agency 424 N Main1720
Bulette A A Mrs r 513 S 5th1295
Bumbalow Roy T r 1121 E Fremont—1525
Bunch L M r 1129 Norman-2018
Bunker Bryan L r 1144 S 6th-480
Bunker, Clyde Mrs. r W Bonanza Rd-1927
Bunker Vernon r 608 S 6th       444
Bunker Wendell r 206% N 10th1355
Burger Bernard r 711 W Wilson-1006J
Burlington Trailways Bus Depot
115 S 1st                _560
Bums Viola r 509 S 2nd      —682
Burr L E r 710 S 4th           472
Burrows Donna r 201 E Stewart674
Burt E R Lt r 704 Biltmore Drive  1813
Burwell Florence r 602 S 9th    .604
Busche R O Lt r 915 S 2nd     1450W
Bush Bros Truck Line 334 N 6th   684
Bush Chas A r 725 S 3rd—      772
Bush George r 1820 Glider N LV  _684J
Butler Carleton Reid r 708% S 5th.  -786
Butler Glenn F r 504 S 3rd-   
Butterfield Spencer L
Butts Charles M atty
Byrd R O r 911 S 1st  .
Cactus Court Slk Hwy 
Cahlan A E r 600 S 6th..
Cahlan John r 121 S 13th    .
Cahoon Blaine V r 1929 Princeton
N L V          —
Cairns D R Lt r 515 S 8th-
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-4  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
Night falls on Fremont Street in the late 1930’s or early 40’s. The Apache Casino was open from 1932 to 1941.  Courtesy UNLV Digital Collection
Calhoun R J r 523 S 4th..1253W
Call Udell r 1838 Glider_.1380
Callihan Fred r 210 E Coolidge..294
Camp L C Mrs r 709 N 9th..1095W
Campbell David H r 320 N 9th Apt 2.981W
Campbell Harry r 1832 Glider..1470
Campbell Realty Co 319 E Fremont1750
Campbell Thomas A r Boulderado Rch..899
Campion Walter J r 604 E Bridger..1029
Cantrall G A r 801 S 2nd|.1518
Cardinal Joe r 810 S Main..435J
Cardinal Joe r Paris Auto Court..1699
Cardwell LDr 1823% N Main1694W
Carlone A J r 329 N 5th_748
Carlson Leon r 1101 3rd Place..1844
Camer H A r 225 S 7th_958
Carnicle Paul r 418% S 2nd.1596
Carpenter’s Local Union No 1780
117 E Fremont. 109
Carrigan C C r Woodland Addn..1227W
Carroll Chas F r 913 N “A” st..536
Carroll Gift & Toggery Shop Inc
129 E Fremont 99R
Carroll T M r 118 S 3rd99J
Carroll TM Real Estate 114 S 3rd..99
Carson Perm Wave Shop
519 E Carson1988
Carson R J Fum & Upholstering
1028 S Main..424
Carson R J r 329 N 8th..424J
Carson Raymond r 501 S 2nd1042
Carter Patricia r 311 N 12th1665
Case Harold r Mt View Rch N 5th..700
Case R E r 1015 Yucca1845
Cashman James r 215 N 4th..81
Cashman Garage 107-109 N Main..116
Cassell C F r 411 N 5th..1754
Castellon Goldie r 519% E Lewis1510
Castle Carrie r 128 S 7th1276
Catholic Church 315 S 2nd..138
Catholic Welfare Rm 9 Clark Bldg..1519
Caudill Zella r 328% N 11th..1536
Cayot F H r 904 E Carson411
Caywood John S r 520 Oxford1473R
Cazier M r 122 S 6th..1551
Central Labor Council 117 E Fremont.234
Chaffin C W r 416 N 8th 714
Chamber of Commerce 113 S.3rd..204
ChamberlainHSr 800 S 3rd Apt 4..1284
Chandler Edith r 1881 Yale N LV.1047W
Chandler Kenneth r 813 S 4th‘1676
Chandler Lucille r 201 S 6th Apt 8..1326
Charleston Hotel 119 S 1st. 454
Charm Beauty Salon 327 S 9th876
Chavez Virginia r N “F” & W Jef..1193
Cheel C W r 523 N 1st.1871
Cheeley W K r 275 E Coolidge..1681W
Cherry J C MD r Nat’l Hotel Rm 237..1784
Chevrolet Sales & Service 115 S Main..l60
Chief Autel 1201 E Fremont.. 1201
Chilson F H r 112 5th Place..1520
Chinakis George r Biltmore Addn.l764W
Chretien Henry L r 217 N 9th261
Christian J Mrs r 116 N 4th673
Christensen J O r Rose & Cline N LV..1554
Christensen Leroy Mrs r
Christensen M J Jeweler
225 E Fremont..636
Christensen P L r 108 S 2nd..1535
Ciliax E D r 617 S 9th.17
Ciliax G O r 523 E Stewart1499
Cinnabar 105 S 1st..722
City Ice Delivery 320 S Main75
City Iron Works 309 S 1st282
City Laundry & Cleaners 102 S 6th..827
City Mercantile Co 1220 S Main438
Clapp Victor r 220 S 7th.618
Clark Brooks r 901 S 3rd Apt 2..1778
Clark C R “Pat” r 1017 Frances.1021
Clark County Defense Council
Fed Bldg Rm 6 1710
Clark County Gas Co 209 S 3rd..262
Clark County Gas Co 900 N Main262R
Clark County Offices 215 S 2nd
Assessor Courthouse74
Auditor Courthouse76
Clerk Courthouse..65
Constable Courthouse.249
Coroner Courthouse.249
Defense Council Rm 6 Fd Bldg_1710
District Attorney Courthouse 503
District Judge Courthouse. 793
Draft Board Rm 201 Fed Bldg..944
Extension Serv Rm 303 Fed Bldg 159
Gen Hosp Charleston Blvd 193
Health Dept 217 E Carson..1635
Justice of Peace Courthouse. .249
Juvenile Officer Rm 210
Beckley B ldg..1006
Law Library Courthouse. 287
Motor Vehicle Dept Courthouse. .74
Public Administrator 2 Park st.. 616
Recorder Courthouse. 76
Relief Adm E Bonanza Rd602
Road Dept W Charleston Blvd 622
Road Dept Shop
W Charleston Blvd.622J
Sheriff Courthouse_ 77
Treasurer Courthouse.. 71
Clark County Wholesale Mercantile Co
512 S Main.. 351
Night Number for Shop.. 751
Clark County Wholesale Shop
512 S Main. 351J
d a r k E A r 1900 E Fremont.. 823
Clark Eddie r Main & W Charleston
Clark Ed W 113 S 2nd. 999
Clark Ed W r 429 S Main 346
Clark G O r El Rancho Dio LA Hwy.l242J
Clark Gene Plumbing 405 W
Bonanza Rd. .. 1232J
Clark James r 631 S 10th.. 1206
Clark James H r 1124 Norman 1989
Clark Jeanette r 210 N 11th. 1319
Clark Mary r 1008 Yucca 954
Clark Walter E Jr r
1700 W Bonanza Rd.. 1927W
Clarke Worth C Lt r
102 Harding N LV..1608
Clary Lawson Jr Lt r 720 S 3rd 1786
Clary E H r 1860 Yale N LV. 1356
Claude Lundy Mach Shop 707 S 5th 707
Clawson L H Co 426 S Main. 1141
Clement Clarence O & Vera
Clarkway Drive. _.1078J
Clement L V r Bonanza Rd1078W
Cliff’s Photo Shop 1830 Roosevelt 938
Cline Pat r 525 S 9th58
Clough Richard H r 201 S 6th .. 798
Clos Peter r Clos Ranch
W Charleston Blvd_ 1437
Coats J Weldon r 931 S 3rd. ..1467
Coblentz Alexander MD 750 E Fremont 939
Coblentz Alexander MD r 1004 Yucca 939J
Coca Cola Bottling Wks 424 N Main.l720
Cochrane Elizabeth S r 708 S 10th..1837
Coffey James A r 216 N 5th. 607
Coffey Kay r 216 N 5th. 1402
Cohen Louis Atty Rm 5 Delkin Bldg..2
Cole Chas R r 118 S 8th.. 531W
Cole J C r 1319 S Main 1874
Cole Sam L r 1308 S Main. 1055
Coleman Jerome r 1836 Jefferson N L V 608
Colony Restaurant BC Hwy..1625
Colorado River Commission Engineer
209 S 3rd..r 1033
Community Chevrolet Co 115 S Main..l60
Conger W L r 110 E Lewis.. 1107
Conklin Howard Mrs r 318 S 4th. 132
Conlon Jack r 430 S 6th.. 1229
Connell Wedding Chapel 818 S 5th 1134
Connolly Eelectric Co 117 S 2nd 903
Connolly Tom E r 708 S 6th.. 575
Conway John r 630 S 9th.. 734
Cook E O r 2800 W Bonanza Rd 708
Cook Henry E Rev r 205% N 2nd..1197
Cook 1 D r 416 S 4th 865
Cook Ralph D r 324 S 2nd Apt 4..1150
Cooke Ann r 1508 S 5th 1195
Coonrod Frank r 613% S 2nd484J
Cooper Hugh D r 422 N 10th. 738
Coors Beer Distributor 123 S Main. _.844
Copenhaver Roxie r Pike Apt 324W
Coppin H H r 126 S 8th .. 1498
Corcoran D J Master Sgt r 420 S 6th.l659
Corey Gus r 206 S 9th. 945
Cornish Anita J r 330 S 7th.. 195
Corradetti A1 r 19 E Lewis.. .. 689
Cottam & Finicum Plasterers 1857 N Main.
Coughlin J J Mrs r 322 E Fremont
Courtrieht R W r 121 N 4th
Cowan Terry r 529 S 6th   ..
Cowert C E r 1328 S Main    885
Cox John C Lt r 214 S 4th  .
Cox Lewis H r Meadows Addn ..
   Covle Daniel K r 314 S 10th
Craein Bernice r 315A R 3rd
Cragin Ernest W r 320 S 3rd ..
Cragin & Pike Ins El Portal Bldg
Craeun Oscar r 329 S 5th
Cram Rov r 512 S 3rd
Crandall Irwin R r 819 R fit.h
  Crane D B r 810 S 5th    .
Craner S W Mrs r 723 E Fremont
Cravens J I r 1st & Sunrise 
Crawford D E Lt r 915 S 2nd 1814
Crawford E L r 1103 R 3rd
Crawford Ernie r 302 R 4th..
Creamland Dairy Tonopah Hwy
Crocker J W Lt r 107 E Gass 
Crone George r 630 S 10th  ..   .88J
Crosby Earl r Clarkway Drive 1527W
Croson & Logan Gen’l Contr 622 S lst 997
Crosse F P Dr 218 S 4th    ..  . 37
Crosse F P D r r 218% R 4th 37,T
Crowe’s Radiator & Glass Service 221 S Main  
Crow A B r 416 N 7th          39J
Crowe Gerald “Jerry” r 810 S 6th  _907
Cruise Lester A Rev r N “D” and W
Crutcher Juanita r 414 N 9th    _ 1663
Cudney Charles r 129 N 4th     _ .993
Culham C A Major r 827 S 2nd   _ 1560
Culley Henry C r 209 S 8th      _103
Culley Paul r 932 S 1st.— ;      _ 848
Culinary Workers Local No. 226 117 E Fremont
Cummins Diesel Motors 911 S Main _1115
Cummings Phil r 520 S 5th     1199J
Cunningham E M r 703 S 10th     1194
Cunningham Glenn A r 315 S 3rd  - 1074
Curran Dan F r 409% S 3rd     1686W
Curtis Emma r 222 W Bonanza Rd _._758
Custom Printers 115 N “A” St     1730
Cut Rate Liquor Store 132 S 5th   _ 610
Cutright Ray r 523 S 1st      _1115J
Cutright Ray M Diesel Motor Service
Dale Arabelle Mrs.r 124 N 4th    -1004
Dallin Verl r 619 S 1st.       - 1367
Damron Ellen r 226% S 4th      874
Damrow Charles R r 201 S 6th Apt 3 .1023
Danforth L r 685 Williams N LV  _1534
Daniels B B r Oasis Auto Court     730
Danielson R W Lt r 328 S 1st     465W
Dansereau Hector r Prof Bldg Apt 209..1698
Dase Chas r 409% S Main .. ~ .. 322
Daugherty Annie r 216 N “B” S t— . 1198
Daugherty A G r 473 E Clark     653
Davenport Marvin r 422 W Wilson   1025
Davison Earl r 1108 5th Place   . 806
Davidson Wm W r 914 S 3rd-  . 2023W
Davis Bernice r 132 S 8th  -   — 1246
Davis Cleaners 1829 N Main    543
Davis Earl Mrs r 802 S 4th    1921
Davis Egbert H r 225 S 5th      1056
Davis Florence r 419 N 9th    - 1663W
Davis G C Dr Rm 2 Mesquite Bldg ..1189
Davis G C Dr r 600 Biltmore Drive .1189J
Davis Geo W Major r 935 E Bridger ..691
Davis Guy V Mrs r Rose and Ely Sts
Davis Jerry ‘Piano Man” 514 S 5th  319
Davis M W & Co Jewelers 311 E Fremont
Nite Number     .   .. 1940
Davis M W r 501 S 4th      ..667
Davis Robert E r 443 N 11th  .. _ 1896
Dawley J M r Hillcrest Apts  .  1758
Dawson F E r 326 N 11th     .362
Dawson Ray E r 124 N 9th    . 695
Dayton J Darrell r 818 S 7th   . 475
Deadrich Effie r 1850% Yale N LV .1024
Deadrich Henry S r 711 S 6th   . 554
Dean R R r 6085 8th      .. 1935
Deane Z F Mrs r 308% N 8th  ..1652
De Armond Chas F r 708 S 7th
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-5  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
Fremont Hotel at 127 E. Fremont next to the Oasis Cafe in 1942. 
In 1956 the better known Fremont Hotel would be built at 200 E. Fremont.
Fremont Hotel
Fremont Hotel at 127 E. Fremont next to the Oasis Cafe in 1942.  In 1956 the better known Fremont Hotel would be built at 200 E. Fremont.
Frontier Club
Courtesy UNLV Digital Collection   
Bingo at the Frontier Club    Courtesy UNLV Digital Collection
Deline Kenneth P r 717 S 9th  ..1669
De-Luxe Auto Court 1701 S 5th   647
De Meyer Rocky Mrs r 718 E Stewart..l765
Denison George r 16 E Lewis   1420
Dennis Edward N r 321 S 5th   ..706
Denny V 14th & Maple       .1795
De Sart F L r 228 N 4th     1387
Desert Furniture & Carpet Co 1512-24
E Fremont   . 1797
De Vaney Cliff r 424 S 7th      _356
Deverell George r 572 S 4th     333
De Vinney Frank C r 516 E Bridger .326
Dial A L r Euclid Ave      1920W
Diaz Marcos M r N “G” W Jackson .l261W
Diesel Motor Service 915 S Main  .1115
Dio Dato Frank LA Hwy 91    1242
Dimick Vernon r 1824 Cleveland
Dimock C L r 205 N 10th      216
Disbrow Ward Jr Lt r 117 S 8th
Diskin Constance r 824 S 6th    1164
Diskin Pat r 615 S 7th       887
Dittman Lucy r 230 N 1st ..*    .1856
Dittrich W A r SLK Hwy     1012
Dixon Herbert M Optometrist 225 E Fremont 
Dodge J E r 110 E Gass    . 1162
Dog & Cat Hospital 610 S 10th .» ..211
Dominy Oria r 1517 S 1st       919
Dondero Harvey State Supt of
Schools Courthouse         _.292
Donich Josie r 725 S 1st.       610J
Donnelly Catherine r 124 N 7th   _1586
Doss J L r 1620 S 2nd.         648
Dotson Eldon r 1877 Yale NLV   1893
Dotson Mary r 50 Ely N LV.    _1064
Dougherty C A Capt r San Souci Crt
Douthit C r 228 S 5th.        1557
Dougan H A r 1215 S 4th.      _857W
Dow R O r 618 E Linden      242W
Down James H Jr r 1141 S 6th     765
Down J H Sr r 614 S 8th.       1185
Downtown Motel 300 N Main     196
Doyle Clarence r 526 Oxford N LV 1470W
Doyle George r 321 E Carson     1472
Drew A L City Electrician Goldring Lane
Dubois Louis r S Main & W  Baltimore 
Dudley Hal r 310 S 3rd        _579
Duffy C E r 126 N 7th.        1753
Duguid James A Rev r N “C” &
W Washington             831
Dumke W C r 518 S 1st       1096
Duncan John L r 315-C S 3rd    1969
Dimes The BC Hwy          _951
Dunham Audrey r 120 N “B”    _1483
Dunn Charles P Rev r 436 N 9th   _507
Dutton Robert r Oppedyke Ranch  1693
Dyer W B r 515 N 8th       .1858
Earhart Motors Inc 507 E Fremont. 1000
Earl Ira J r 312 S 6th.         190
Earl Marion B Atty Rm 1 Delkin Bldg 357
Earl Marion B Atty r 624 S 9th   574
Earl Mattie r 820 S 3rd        .241
Early Mary r 1847 Harvard N LV  1598
Easterling D G r 215% S 7th     1653
Eastland Van O Civil Engr Rm 5
Eddie’s Beauty Salon 519 S 2nd   336
Ed Von Tobel Lumber Co 217 S 1st ..47
Edwards Lela r 614 E Bridger   .1959
Edwards M C Music Store 121 E Fremont 
Eight Ball Bar 117 N 1st       _808
Elbertson Frances Mrs 1913 N “A” .536
El Cortez Beauty Shop 600 E Fremont  
El Cortez Hotel 600 E Fremont   1500
Elco Roofs 403 W Bonanza Rd   1986
Electrolux Corp 126 S 8th      _1498
Elko Rooms 120 S 1st       1223
Elks Club 128 S 3rd        .207
Elks Helldorado Headquarters 128  S 3rd   
Elks Helldorado Grounds Office 515 N 5th     
Ellis A W r 211 N 7th 1687
El Patio Hotel 115 N 2nd..1..645
El Portal Electric Co 310 E Fremont.114R
El Portal Theatre Box Office 310
E Fremont.H4J
El Rancho Casino El Rancho Hotel.802
El Rancho Hotel LA Hwy1300
El Rancho Dio LA Hwy1242
El Rio Garage 131 N 2nd90
Emerald Isle Copper Co Rm 15-16
Boggs Bldg..|994
Emerson Zelma r 616 E Bridger.1945
Emery Cal Davis Jewelry Co
560 S 4th..1940
Endicott W H Lt r 219% S 8th718W
Enright Thomas r N “G” & W
Esquire Lounge The 120 S 2nd969
Esterbrook Gordon G 232 S 2nd.._.1706
Ethel’s Liquor Store 28 E Fremont—117
Ethel’s Liquor Store 2 411 E Fremont..ll7J
Evanhoe B M Capt r 420 N 13th.1549
Evans Joe r 1828 Jefferson N LV459W
Evans Logan r 421 N 6th.1727
Evans R L r 111 W Morgan..1346
Evening Review-Journal 113 S 1st6
Everheart Julius r 516 E Clark.1809
Exchange Bar 123 S 1st561
Explosive Powders Caps & Fuse 512
5 Main3511
Faber G K r 221 N 5th.861
Fallwell C G r 511 N 8th400J
Fanatia Wilma Mrs r 509 S 2nd_682
Fanny’s Dress Shop 211 E Fremont_659
Farber Herman r Princeton
6 Tonopah..:.1291W
Farmers Automobile Inter-Insurance
Exchange Pioneer Hotel. 1292
Farndale James r 922 S 2nd523
Farnow H D r 117 S 8th Apt B_1408
Farnsworth B E r 1401 S 5th..1215
Farnsworth B E r Mayfair Add’n..2028
Farnsworth David r 120 N 11th731
Farnsworth Oil Co 1531 S 5th1247
Farrell Junior r Wms & Jefferson
Farrimond W B r 617 E Carson431
Favinger R L r 702 S 2nd..381
Fayle Leonard r 1123 Francis Ave.1922
Fechser Chas D r 524 S 6th339
Feetham A J r 516 S 4th576
Fennell F M r 1827 Yale N LV1356W
Ferguson Apparel Shop 419 E Fremont
Ferguson Donald r 707 S 8th_135
Ferguson Inez r 901 S 2nd.. 598
Ferguson Kirby B r 221 N 7th1465W
Ferris Fred r 1023 Frances Place.779W
Ferron W E r 1215 5th Place83
Finnegan J “Pat” Lt r 408 N 6th1667
Finney J L r 522 S 7th_1583
Fire Companies Adjustment Bureau
Rm 19 Boggs Bldg._1515
First Nat’l Bank of Nev LV Branch
Fish Hatcheries Tonopah Hwyl.1080
Fish H J r 201 S 6th Apt 111466
Fitzgerald Corrine r 408 E Bonneville .
Fitzgerald Don r 34 Cline N LV1411
Fitzgerald W E r 115 S 8th504
Fleming C L r 605 E Bridger.755
Fleming Architect & Structural
Engr Rm 11 Boggs Bldg..321
Fleming James A r 227 S 4th321J
Fletcher G A r 310 N 8th.218J
Flora Ann Beauty Shop 417 E Fremont
Flower Shop The 214 E Fremont.
Flowers W J r 320 S 7th562
Fogelson H r Rm 29 Overland HoteL1624
Foley L E r 712 W Bonanza Rd477
Foley Roger Atty 123 S 2nd358
Foley Roger Atty r 209 E Califomia.358J
Folger A M r 932 S 2nd..1128
Fong S M r 118 S 7th.. 413
Food Center Inc 770 E Fremont482
Food Center Liquor Store 770 E Fremont..716
Foote Robert H r 1876 Harvard
Forbes J E r 888 W Bonanza Rd..
Forbes Joseph D r 319 S 3rd]
Forbes Stanley r 1217 S 4th.
Ford Agency Dealer 207 S Main. 227
Ford G C r 104 E Utah"631
Ford W S Gen’l Contractor N Main.l395
Foreign Club 111 N 1st..1127
Foremaster Lamar r 701 S 7th118177
Foremaster Lloyd r 217 E Hoover..535
Forsgren Norma r 521 E Stewart..1826
Foster Ellard W r 1339 S Main893
Foster M B Garage Apt Wms &
Foster Maggie L r S Meadows Addn.902
Foster W A “Bill” r 926 S 3rd..1313J
Foutz Harold B Dentist 107 E Fremont .1290
Foutz Harold B Dentist r 423 S 6th.
Francis Floyd Glass & Repair Shop 909 S Main.
Francis Floyd r 519 E Lewis..883
Frank’s Beauty Shop 104 S 2nd484
Frank’s Inn 202 N 1st1058
Franklin G E r 1112 5th Place..611J
Franklin G E Home Builders
Fraser Thomas W 1039 S Main715
Frazier L S r S 15th.. 1975
Frazier Maude r 224 S 7th-166
Fred’s Liquor Store 201 E Bridger1611
Freeman Lanell r N “G” & W
Frehner Lee r 608 S 4th-1708
Frehner Merle r 1105 S 3rd.—263J
Frehner Wallace r 331 S 9th.1851
Fremont Auto Court 12th & E
Fremont Auto Parts 1924 E Fremont..775W
Fremont Beauty Shop Rm 9 Mesquite
Fremont Hotel 127 E Fremont
French T W r 524 S 4th-
Fried David r 305% S 6th.
Friedman H V Construction Co  205 S 1st
Friedman Sam L r 317 S 3rd..
Frigidaire Sales & Service 421 S 5th.ll99
Frontier Club 117 E Fremont..822
Frontier Race Book 117 E Fremont—1729
Fulcher Jimmie r 1102 S 5th..318
Fuller G H r 423 S Main..1045
Gaddis Albert C Lt
Gaertner C J r 416 E Bonneville1130
Gagnebin B D r 18 E Stewart.—.1931
Gagnon R A r 902 S 1st1789
Gallagher Bert r Sunrise Add’n..959W
Gallagher J E r 214 N “A”646
Gallagher J J r 308 N 1st_1332
Gallagher James A r 3rd Sunrise
Gallagher Pat Mrs r 830 S 3rd_.—.297
Gambill C L r 1017 Francis Ave_1990
Gambill Ethel Notary Public Rms
200-202 Wms Bldg125
Gambill H N Atty Rms 200-202
Wms Bldg 125
Gambill Herbert N Atty r 904 S 4thl34
Gammell Lou W r 417-A S 1st..1609
Garcia Machael Arthur r 205 S 8th..184
Gardner A M r 609% S 2nd. 1081
Gardner R A Capt r 116 E Bonneville..l705
Garehime Music Co 114 N 3rd.485
Garehime J W r 231 N 10th _485J
Garrett Freightlines Inc 810 S^ Main..—455
Garrison A 5T r 820 S 1st..274
Garrison Howell C r 715 E
Charleston Blvd.. 64J
Garrison Mortuary 515 E Fremont
Garside Frank F r 818 S 4th..—373
Gateway Auto Court 928 S sth
Gateway Service Station S 5th & E
Charleston Blvd.. 587
Gatewood R H Dentist Rm 19 Clark Bldg
Gatewood R H Dentist r 411 E Carson
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-6  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
Gaut JBr 126% N 1st 1819
Geigley Vance r 823 S 1st. 1546
Gelber Electric Shop 924 S Main kro
Gelber S L r 319 N 6th. 5I0J
General Auto Parts 117 N Main. -?"n
General Electric Dlrs 116 S 2nd 355
General Neon & Sign Co 1228 S 1.
General Oil Co of Nev 1000 E Fremont 139
General Petroleum Products
General Petroleum Sta 230
General Petroleum Serv Sta 201
George Ferris r 529 S 10th
George Koss r 1006 S 3rd.!. 62J
George Wm r 1842 Glider N LV ro
Gerken H D r W Charleston Blvd 1077
German W C r 215 S 8th.
Gerson S Iv Lt r 1226 E Bonanza Rd 1994
Gibbins G E r 124 S 11th_!.1031
Gibbons & Reed Co McCarran Field 1540
Gibbs S Jack r 1933 Yale JNLV 1937W
Gibson Floy A r 317 E Garces ’ 763
Gibson Fred D r 301 N 6th. 589
Gibson Robert O r 331 N 9th~ ™ 133
Giddmgs Gene r Vegas Camp N Main
Giilord AL r 501 S 6th_ 68
Gifford Fred H r Pike Apt 1_1.56W
Gift G E r 7 E Coolidge_538
Gift Shop & Jewelers 209 E Fremont676J
Gilbert Bros Store 314 W Bonanza Rd _.188
Gilbert C V T r 316 W Bonanza Rd—188J
Gilbert Ford L Rev r 308 E Bridger476
Gilbreath E J r 104 E Utah.—919W
Gildner E J r 802 E Bonneville1682
Gill Lueta r 1115 E Ogden.1091
Gilman F W Used Car Lot 520
Gilman F W r 302 N 7th1040J
Gilmer H S r 523 S 8th794
Gilmore Service 705 S 5th.728
Girard Stephen r 324 S 2nd Apt 2.873
Goforth John r Woodland Addn441W
Golden Camel 110 N 1st737
Goldring Ira r 527 S 1st.1613
Goldman Julian r 310 E Garces1113
Goldstrom Wilbur r 231 N 11th
Goodin Elsie H r 246 Valley Sun
Goodman Alex r 131 N 11th.1854
Goodman Eddie J r 1872 Harvard
Goodwin W S r 306 N 1st.-483
Goot Albert r 211% N 7th.1687W
Gordon M H r 615 S 6th.436J
Gornowich John r 324 S 10th528
Gould Hubert r 405 E Carson1385
Goumand P J r 420 S 7th-397
Gragson Oran r 728 S 1st—1585
Grand Hotel 219 E Fremont.393
Grant A C r 310 S 7th.414
Grant A R r 1119 S 6th761
Grant Ed W r Pullman Diner N LV—1059
Gravelle Harry Mrs r 321 N 7th.-.892
Graves Bill r 604 W Bonanza Rd.1562
Graves Madison B Atty 121 E Fremont
Graves Madison B Atty r Watters
Graves W J r ili.9 E Stewart.982
Graves Wm M r 120 S 6th.-129
Gray Wm L Lt r 300 N 9th-1606
Grayline Cab Co 19% E Fremont660
Grayline Cab Co 9 E Fremont.660J
Grayson G Herman r 704 S 6th.-.568
Grayson John C r 528 S 1st1389
Great Western Mines & Metals
Green Frank ark BMg R 18.889
Green Shack
Grewe M J
Greyhound Bus Depot 4EFrem0nt.290
Grosman Yetta r 1918 E Fremont..1496
Gross James J r 1020 Francis Place.l063
Grubb E B r BC Hwy1950
Grubbs L E r 919 S 2nd..912
Gubler V Gray Atty r 1135 5th Place.946
Gubler V Gray Atty Courthouse..503
Guffey C B r 1850 Yale N LV..566
Gusewelle Frank r 1130 S 6th.54
Gustafson E W Major r 625 S 8th..785W
Gwin Lloyd r 918 S 4th.143W
Gwynn Dairy Tonopah Hwy..1210J
Haake Jack r 627 S 7th..866
Hackman C C r 117 E Gass..1176
Haddock REr 316 E Carson Ave..1478
Haig Mildred Mrs r 513 S 1st.276
Haines Tommie L r 3839 Harding
Hairgrove Bert r 215 N 11th.1039
Hall Albert A r Rm 14 E Fremont..1607
Hall Claude W r 319 N 10th.1376
Hall Wm r 729 S 7th514
Haim A W Atty r 1000 S 6th..244
Ham & Taylor Attys Boggs Bldg rm 8.40
Ham O T Sgt r 414% S 1st.1683W
Hamilton C F r Tower Auto Park.932W
Hammond Hazel r 17 N “H” ..226
Hamp L H r Sunrise Addn..1771W
Hampton Bros Contractor 1020 S Main..205
Hampton Elmer P r 707 S 9th..1431
Hampton Henry P r 720 S 9th.1187
Hampton Robert r 710 S 9th.906
Hampton Roscoe r 714 S 9th.1225
Hampton W N r S N “D”.1315
Hancock Doris V r 421 S 3rd Apt B.783
Haney Tanzy r 428 W Van Buren.759
Hanley Clarabelle r Blakey Apt 17—1102
Hansen Frank G r 309 N 10th..724
Hansen Harold r Tonopah & Roosevelt 1464
Hansen Martin r 1848 Harvard NLV..353J
Hardway Chas L r 723 S 2nd.1913
Hardy Alf r 666 Cline NLV.1999
Hardy Jack H r 240 N 8th.1748W
Hardy Merlin r 425 S 6th..936
Hardy S L MD r 131 N 8th.148
Harford Jim r 433 N 9th.1631W
Harriman W L r 329 S 9th —1060
Harrington A H Real Estate/Ins
Harrington A H r 703 S 8th..342
Harris Art r W Charleston Blvd..809
Harris Frank r 201 Oxford NLV.187J
Harris George E r 717 E Clark.1273
Harris Glenn' L r SLK Hwy.1694
Harris Vaughn r 511 N 7th..1413W
HartC W r 1145 S 10th..1867
Hart Raymond r 708 S 1st.-330
Hartwell Elizabeth r 600 S 4th.—1522
Harvey N A r 1860 N 5th N LV..353
Harvey Ruth P Mrs r 607 S 4th—..—50
Hastings Patricia A r 219 S 8th..1449
Hawkins E H MD 232 S 5th..1170
Hawkins Ray r 337 S 9th~453
Hawkins W E Mrs r 131 N 5th..197
Hayes J R r 124 S 6th.882
Haygood L F r 120-A N 11th..S|g§
Haygood Viola r 518 S 4th.-..—727
Hazzard Goldie Mrs r Elm Drive..354W
Hazzard Marietta r 820% S 3rd..80
Healy Harry J r 320 S 4th..-974
Healy M W r Stocker N LV..—.1427
Heating and Air Conditioning Supply,
Heaton J M Mrs r 194 S 4th..—38
Helm Phyllis r Pullman Diner.1909
Helmick H H r 633 I 9th.——-1545J
Hemphill Jack Accounting Notary &
Insurance Sal Sagev Hotel..79U
Hemphill Jack r 708 S 4th—.—-128
Hicks Charles r 312 E Garces    1158
Hicks M B r 1012 S 4th     v~14Z4
Hidden Well Ranch Lobby of Ranch
House Call         .XD3003
Hidden Well Ranch Nickerson’s
Residence Call       ..-1^3002
Hill C F r Hoover & Tonopah    471
Hill J F r 433 N 10th      .-923
Hill Shirley r 1818% Stanford NLV—1473
Hillman Beauty Shop 120 S 3rd  .-698
Hillstead J C r 217 E Garces    .80W
Hinge Jack r 222 N 4th      ..1453
Hinie’s Select Dairy 626 S 5th    666
Hinman Albert A Atty 425 E Fremont—22
Hinman Albert A Atty 131 S 8th  ..22J
Hinrichsen A D r 424 S 3rd  ..——.588 :
Hinson Bill & Margaret r Artesian
Heights W Charleston Blvd   .1227
Hitching Post Wedding Chapel
512 S 5th    .-  . 735
Hodges William r 1826 Harding
NLV     -1638W
Hofbrau Bar 124 S 1st       .364
Hogan Paul r 317 S 6th      ..130
Hogan Ray Lt r 603 E Ogden ..—1569W
Hogan & Westlake Dodge &
Plymouth Dlrs 801 E Fremont-525
Holbrook Cornelia r Woodland Ad..l205W
Holmes I B r 1026 S 3rd    .—1217
Holler J W r 1011 S 3rd    . 552
Holloway L B Company E Charleston
Blvd & E Fremont-402
Holloway L B Company 1900 E
Fremont      .402J
Hollywood Style Shoppe 313 E
Fremont 688
Holt Vaughn r 711 S 8th 1507
Holtz Paul R Col r 805 S 2nd1524
Homan W N r 506 S 7th      233
Home Builders Corp of Las Vegas
15th & Fremont-1417
Home Decorating Co 814 E Fremont—170
Home Lumber Co 430 N Main   ..324
Home Motel 1400 S 5th-311
Homes Margaret M Mrs r 131 S 4th..l574W
Honrath Earl r Woodland Addn  ..679
Hoover H B r 609 S 8th .-   1082W
Hoover R K Capt r 203 S 6th875
Horner Luther r 601 S 9th    ..—1580
Horsey Chas Lee Atty Rm 1-2
Clark Bldg   _ -   ..164
Horsey Chas Lee Atty r 120 S 5th  278
Hostetter Melvin r 923% S 2nd  .409W
Houghton P H r 121 E Gass1756W
Houssels J Kell r 1012 S 6th    .694
Howell Dale r 1127 S 6th     ..449
Hoy Jimmy r 1106 3rd Place   ..1629
Hub Auto Court 401 N 5th     .557
Hubar Virda F r 118 S 11th     .614
Huerta Henry r 114 E Bonneville ..1531
Huffey C A r 710 S 5th      ..1002
Hufford Joe Atty Suite 3 Delkin Bldg-284
Huglin H T Lt Col r 621 S 7th   .1484
Hull Las Vegas Co El Rancho Vegas
Hotel         .1   ..1300
Hull Thomas E
El Rancho Vegas Hotel     ..1300
Hulsey JHr 115% S 9th 1    1840
Hulsey Jack Fisk Tire Service
10th & E Fremont        .775
Hummert Joseph L Lt r 529 S 1st .1556W
Humphrey G B r 1874 N Main NLV .1678
Hunt Leigh Mrs r 110 S 9th     212
Hunt W B Capt 1 902 S 2nd   .1162W
Huntsman Ira r 414 E Bridger    309
Huntsman Millie r 513 E Bridger ..1093
Hunsaker Walter r 725 S 6th    .1008
Hutchison Alice Mrs. r W Bonanza Road   726W
Hermenjat Albert r J B Ranch
Hesse Pat r 800 S 4th    .-
Hynds John r 117 S 7th  
Ideal Court 715 S 1st  .
Ike Carl r 12 E Hoover
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-7  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
Individual Finance Co
Inm a n C M L t r 901 S 3rd.1544W
In su ran ce U n d erw riter 209 S 3rd_972
In ternational H arv ester T ru ck s &
P arts Farm Mach 512 S Main..351
In ternational H od C a rriers
120 S 1 st. . 947
International U nion o f Operating
E n gin eers 11th and Fremont..1731
Interstate T ransit Lin es 4 E Fremont.290
Ira J Earl F u el Yard 412 S Main.34
Iverson E u gen e C L t r 227 S 8th..718
Irvin L ev i r 211 N 3rd 1073
Irw in | A r 501 S 7th.. 1506
Ja cob son E Mrs r Wms & H oov er
N L V 1638
Jackpot 116 E F remon t..— 859
Jackson F A r W atters A pt 6.. 1488
Jackson H W r 719 S 4th.. 1946
Jackson I J J r Lt r 204% A N 6th.1734
Jacomini Dan F ix It Sh op N “G” &
James A F lem in g
James Ann M rs r 320% S 2nd.299
James Ch ris r 223 S 6th. 486
Jam es S P r F ox Farm Tonopah Hwy..835
Jam eson C H r 125 N 11th.376
J a rrell Martin C r 517 N 1st— 1829
Jarrett R ex A 811 E Charleston Blvd..972J
J effries Harry r 616 S 3rd.933J
J effries S u p er S erv ice 431 S 5th.. 933
Jen kin s C N r 200 N “B”1740
Jen k in s P K r 602 S 2nd 863
Jen sen John W r 615 W Wilson_ 1350
J erom e J L r 423 S Main 1997
Joh ansen A G r 416 W Wilson--------- 1552
Joh n son B elle Mrs r 720 S 2nd Apt 1.590
Joh n son Blaine r 418 E G arces  766J
Joh n son B lock & B rick C o
1825 N MainI _ 1214
Joh nson Etta Mae r 16 W C a l i f -------391
Joh n son Frank L r 530 S 2nd_ 639
Johnson H O r 316 S 7th1532
Johnson J A L t r 126% N 4th A p t 4_1453W
Johnson Julia T r End o f N “A”_492
Joh nson Lelia r 423 S 1st.. 1361J
Joh nson Marcia r 114 S 8th ..531
Joh nson’s Market 634 S 5th. 766
Joh n son Paul J r 817 S 3rd 688J
Joh nston G H Lt. r 319% S 5th.. 1768
Joh nston S am r 30 C lev elan d N L V..1171J
J on a itis R A r 629 S 4th..1226
J on es B erk eley r S tev en s Ranch
N “C”. 515
J on es C lifford A Atty
Rm 208 B eck ley B ld g .. 591
Jones C liffo rd A Atty r 121 S 13th.. 581
Jones F loren ce L ee r 121 S 13th.. 581
Jones G len C r 511 N 8th.. 690
J on es H arv ey r N “F” & W Monroe.1857
J on es Jane r 231 N 7th A p t 7.. 1258
J on es P au l Mrs r 431 S 6th.. 1051
Jon es R C Mrs r 800 W B onanza Rd.l841
J on es R E r 19 15th.1952W
Jordan J C r 102 E Utah.. 1742
J ord an R obert L S ta ff S gt
r 416 E Ogden1461W
J orgen sen C W r 1000 B lk S 6th.. 632
J u d ge John O r 1011 Norman1876
Ju v en ile Officer Rm 210 B eck ley Bldg..1006
K afferlin V irgin ia r 128% S 6th.1188
Kah re A G r 1009 Y u cca.. 650
K a lten b om G la d y s r 123 N 4th.450
K a lten b om R J r W Bonanza R d .433
Kassabian L ev on G MD
Rm 12 B o g g s B ld g .. 1929
K astris Catherine r 1008 Y u cca.954
K ed d in gton S R L t r 20 E L ew is.. 465
K e e g le P A r 718% S 4th.712
K eeh n Paul r 222 S 6th.1943
K eel T om r 219 N 6th.964
Keel T om r 345 N Main.. 1032
Keeler L W r 428 S 4th.56
Keenan Pat r 206 W W ilson236
Keller D D r 412 N 7th. 1075
K eller N M r 1206 S 1st.. 1418
K elley R C r 129 S 9th.. 1684
K elly John r 206% S 9th1555
K elly Matthew r 117 N "C”265
K elly T J r 317B S 3rd.. 1539
K-E-N-O E l Rancho H otel1400
Kent P au l r 232 N 8th.. 1773
K em a n Frank C r 1109 S 5th.. 443
K erstetter T H Rev r 404 N 13th.. 989
K idd ie Kraft S tu dio 324 E Fremont..-.1330
Kilpatrick B ru ce r 810 Pittman Court.,1512
• K im ball A E r 621 1 3rd.. 1173
K im ball F M r 208 N 10th1299
Kim ball O A Beal Estate & Ins
125 N 10th 192
K im ble I E r N 5th & T onopah N L V..669
K in g L eroy r H ill N L V .. 1064W
K in gs Auto Rest C ou rt 526 S 5th.255
K inn ersley H A r 1100 S 10th. 1846
Kinyon Donald D r 1125 S 10th1875
Kirch Wayne E r 312 S 4th.. 995
K irste C J r 618 S 4th.. 1977
Kit Kat C lu b B C H w y .896
K iva Clu b 131 E Fremont303
K lein Gus
r S Main & W Ch arleston1925W
Knauss Max r 1425 N Main1168
K n earl B ill r 421 S 3rd.. 1337
K n igh t E I r 104 N “H”.. 1238R
K n ox F loren ce r 604 S 3rd .153
Knudson K O r 216 N 6th. .367
K och R M r 915 S 2nd.. 2023
K o fed John r 1611 S Main1842
K orn Hen ry r 1025 S Main.. 2019
Kram er C liff r 607 S 8th.. 1677
K ramer H arold W r 218 S 5th.. 1263
Krau se H erb r 603 S 4th.. 818
K rieger O il C o 313 N Main.. 723
K rin g A M r 310 S 4th.. 825
K ro loff A be r 117 S 8th A pt C .. 1537
K u ert W F r 1901 N 5th.. 1020J
K u ffer Lu cien r Tonopah D r W oodlan d Addn.l061J
Kulisek L ou is C r 310% N 10th_____ 1397W
K u rvink Mary r 807 S 6th.. 654
LaBonita Hotel 30 E Fremon t.. 341
L a bor T em ple 118% E Fremont 840
Laden F W r 515 E O g d e n .. 1728
La F av or Harry r 126 S 11th. 1741W
La Grange W P r 803 S 1st.. 348J
Lake R E r 318 S 1st.. 819
Lam oreau x Dav id B r 106 E G ass.1497
LaMudge R L r P alm L ane.. 2024
Landdeck H H Chaplain r 919 S 1st.1819
Lane Lillian D r 216 S 1st.. 828
Lang C V r 517 N 9th.. 1156
L an g Transportation C orp 950 S Main..925
Langholtz V ictor r 128 S 11th1792
L an gille J K r 525 S 6th.. 1471
Larson Eldon r 620 S 3rd..J. 1241
Last Frontier Hotel & Courts
Las Vegas Baking C o 402 S 2nd110
Las V ega s Barbecue  22 E Fremont.1236
Las Vegas Ch amber o f C om m erce
113 S 3rd.. 204
La s Vegas City Offices:
Attorney Rm 205 B eck ley Bldg.123
A ssessor C ou rth ou se.. 74
A u ditor 217 E B rid ger.. 500
B am s N 2nd & E M esqu ite.. 361
B u ild In sp ector War Mem Bldg.1900
C em etery N 5th.. 92
C h ief o f P o lice 118 N 2nd1717
C lerk War Mem B ld g 1900
D o g P ou n d 16th & C roissan t.578
E lectr In spectors War Mem Bldg..l900
E n gin eers War Mem B ld g . 1900
F ire C h ief C a se Ranch N 5th. 700
G o lf C ou rse T onopah H w y 1390
H all War Mem B ld g 1900
H igh S ch ool S u p t 301 S 7th.. 466
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-8  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
Patrons entering Frosty’s Log Cabin Bar at 122 N. 1st Street in an early magazine photo.
Courtesy Vintage Las Vegas
Patrons entering Frosty’s Log Cabin Bar at 122 N. 1st Street in an early magazine photo. 
Courtesy Vintage Las Vegas
Lewis J R Atty 114% S 3rd213
Lewis J R Atty r S 5th W Cleveland.881
Lewis Sterling W r 802 E Bonneville.,1268
Lias Robert r 524 S 8th926
Lido Auto Court 407 S 5th1066
Lido Bar 107 N 1st.. 1106
Liles Calvin r 1804 Glider N t»V..1269
Lincoln County Power Dist No. 1
Linge Robert r 115 W Morgan1369
Little Club BC Hwy_ 856
Little Second Hand Store 112 S 1st..32
Local No. 872 Int Hod Car & Bldg
& Common Labors 120 S 1st_947
Local Loan Co Rm 6 Delkin Bldg1219
Log Cabin 122 N 1st_ 1212
Logan Geo r 1957 N Main1982
Logan Karen B r 717 S 7th..1294
Logan Oscar r Tonopah & Jefferson..997J
Logsdon JLi 314 S 3rd.. 105
Lohan C R Mrs r 1424 S Main Apt 5..893W
Long W r 607 E Ogden1779
Long Wilford E r 106 E Clark..1930W
Lorenzi Guido r 928 S 3rd 1313
Lorenzo Dick r 205 S 10th1791
Los Angeles Exam 415-17 E Carson_539
Los Angeles Herald Express
1800 Fairfield Place.'.338
Los Angeles Times 415-17 E Carson.539
Losee E L r N W LV Boulderado
Guest Ranch„..899J
Love F A r LA Hwy1870
Lovel H Jay r 626 S 2nd.1599
Lovell J r 18 N “F”.._1322
Low Price Meat Market 131 N Main.1019
Lowrey H W r 628 S 10th1384
Luce & Goodfellow Inc Elec Appl
116 S 2nd._ 355
Luce H E r 530 S 7th.1973
Lucky Cab Company 116 S 5th..711
Lund Louis r 106% S 7th..985
Lundy Claude Mach Shop 707 S 5th.707
Lundy Claude W r 1305 S 3rd.707J
Lundy Ray Garage 108 N 3rd.344
Lundy Ray H r 422 N 8th.2008
Lusch A M r 1103 Norman..733
Luttig Carl J r 605 S 2nd.729
Lyden Francis P r 611 Biltmore Dr.l832
Lyle T H Adjustm Serv 209 S 3rd.1200
Lyle T H r 125 S 10th..1200J
Lyons J B r 613 S 8th. 603
Lyons J L r Vegas Camp N Main..1324
MacDonald Hotel 211 N 5th..—340
MacFarlane Dean r 208 N 4th.671
Machinist Mechanics & Welders
117 E Fremont.1132
Mack Auto Parts 317-321 N Main.624
Mack Louie r 1106 S 10th.253J
Mack Nate r 7 E Bonneville.805J
Mackey David r 1135 S 10th..289
. MacKenzie S A r 242 N 8 th..1748
Macpherson A G r 728 E Garces..539J
Madden Buck r 14 N “C”.508
Mae’s First Street Market 624 S 1st,419
Magnes Vera r 306 N 1st Apt 2..468
Malone Clem C City Electric Insp
r end of N “C” Stevens Ranch.1849
Malot H G r 416 S 3rd.. 1335
Mandalay Bar 111 E Fremont1266
Manente Harry r 519 S 8th..1505
Mankiewicz Mary M r N “A”.778
Manufacturing of Furniture Outlet
17th & E Fremont..1882
Manzi Angelo r 317 E Carson.874R
Maracci C C r Rose & Maracci NLV.1908
Marble H P r 310 S 7th..414
Maret D O r 318 E Gass..446
Marinovich Mary r 505 S 2nd..1084
Market Spot The 117 E Carson.300
Marquis T L r 415 S 1st..811
Marshall Geo E Atty Courthouse.793
Marshall Geo E Atty 727 S 3rd.795
Marshall Maryl r 425% S 2nd..105W
Marshall Thos E r 227 N 4th..293
Marteletti Tony r 524 E Linden..971
Martin C L r 302 S 1st..1144J
Martin Carl r 228 S 4th..1160W
Martin Chas Gravel Plant
4 Miles South on LA Hwy.1144
Martin D M r W Bonanza
Cottonwood Grove..1880
Martin J C r 517 E Stewart..1833
Martin Jack r 1848 Stanford N LV. 1476
Martin James M r 1856 N 5th N LV..29
Martin Louie r 620 W Bonanza Rd..489
Martin Lucy r 118 N 3rd.332
Martin M M r Oxford & Stanford..29J
Martin Sid r 132 N 5th9
Masek Jerry G Public Accountant
Rm 4 Mesquite Bldg520
Mason Wm S 319 E Fremont Ave.1373
Masonic Temple 215 S 3rd..1174
Massie C P r 401 N 11th.1521
Master Cleaners & Dyers 601 S 5tn.l868 Masterson C H Dentist
Rm 2 Boggs Bldg..479
Masterson C H Dentist r 215 S 7th.479J
Mather Robert r 101 E Hoover..1853
Mathew Charlotte r Cedar & Yucca..52
Mathis Guy Contractor 1021 S Main.837
Mathis Guy r 1100 3rd Place..837J
Matteucci A r 649 S 3rd..410
Matteucci Henry E r 614 S 2nd..683
Mattress & Upholstery Shop BC Hwy..498
Mattson Blanche r 121 S 9th..1894
Matzdorf Martha B r 105 E Bridger.223
May Nellie Mrs r 324 W McWilliams.267
May Wm F r 226 N 6th..271
Mayes Electric Shop 402 S 2nd..1327
Mayes John r Rose Garden Addn.1427W
Mazzeo Joseph r 211 N Main..1707
McAdoo Alfred H Rm 10 Clark Bldg.390
McAfee Guy r 126 S 9th..1670
McAllister Hugh r 817 E Stewart..1202
McCain Grace r N “F” & Van Buren..l468
McCain Mac r N “E” & W Jackson..259
McCall Quannah S Dentist
Rm 204 Prof Bldg1280
McCall Quannah S Dent r 728 S 9th..l280J
McCall W r 605 S 7th..668
McCarley A K r 519 S Main.491
McCarter A T r 214 N 6th..774
McCarty J Howard Mrs r 801 N
McClelland Robert r 531 S 1st..2025
McClintock J H r 430 S 4th..1686
McComb Charles J r 707 S 10th..1308W
McCown Margaret r Vegas Heights.1438
McCoy Dale Osteopathic Physician
Rm 207 Prof Bldg..1310
McCoy Dale Dr r 1127 Frances Ave 1310 J
McCudden W C Contractor
N Main & W Bonanza Rd..1643
McCulley EHr 1816 Glider N LV..1153
McDaniel-Goodwin Plymouth-
Chrysler Agcy 1st & E Ogden..739
McDaniel J R Jr MD r 400 S 7th..940
McDaniels CCr 1852 Princeton NLV..1393
McDermott Paul r Pike Apt 2.24
McDonald A E 121 Fremont.1980
McDonald Harvey
McDonald J A
McDonald Jack r Sunrise Addn.1030
McDonald Pauline r 517 E Ogden.1151J
McDonnell F J r 1400 S 5th..857
McEachern E A r Willow Woodl Addn.,441
McEvoy Luella r 519 N 7th..2036
McFadden Pat Mrs r 102 N “H”1238W
McGarvie Don r 431 N 11th.1723
McGarvie Neal r 433 N 11th..232
McGhie J L r 510 S 2nd.1907W
McKee Ollie r 619 S 5th.1022
McKesson P A r 17th & E Stewart.l079W
McKimmey R E r 218 N 11th..1622
McKinster J H r 431 N 7th..1850
McKnight L C r 28 Cleveland N LV.1171
McLachlan H L r 819 S 1st..41
McLallen W F r 1900 E Carson.156
McLaughlin John W 807 E Charleston
McLaughlin Thos J r 220 S 6th..1183
McLeod Walter r 518 N 11th..1974W
McNamee & McNamee Atty’
McNamee Frank Atty r 700 S 7th966
McNamee Leo Atty r 209 S 4th308
McNeil Bruce r 215 S 10th1593
McNeil Constr Magn Nev Call LD.1575
McNeil Don r 513 S 3rd.383
McNeil Housing 10th & E Charleston.. 1620
McNeil L G r W Charleston Blvd.1724
McQuay Supply Co 310 S Main.2026
McWilliams J T Mrs r 222 W Wilson.470
Meadows Casino Meadows Acres1630
Meagher G A Lt r 526 N 12th.. 1924
Megard Arnold r 910 S 4th1949
Meininger R C r 119 W McWilliams.978
Meister C E r 716 S 6th.. 812
Mellor Florence r 210 S 7th..967
Melton Albert C r 630 S 7th15J
Melton Albert C 127-29 S 1st15
Mendelsohn Wm r 525 S 4th..438J
Mendenhall Rulon r 1008 3rd Place..l629W
Mendenhall W L r 511 N 7th.998
Merchandise Mart & Jewelers
209 E Fremont676J
Nite Number_1940
Merrigan Walter D r 307 E Carson..1627W
Merrill Harris r W Bonanza Rd
& Clarkway Drive_ 354
Merrill Russell J r 200 S Main.1245
Metals Trades Council 117 E Fremont..234
Meyer Igema M r 1018 Palm Lane_1953
Meyers Jess H r 428 S 1st_ 1877
Meyers Marce H r Back of County
Meyers VJrUP Jungle No. 34.1979
Michelas Theodore r S Meadows Ad’n..l847
Midway Tavern BC Hwy
Call Long Distance 2803PO
Mike’s Liquor Store 106 E Fremont.436
Mikkelse'n Elmer r 1115 S 5th Place.585
Mikulich Sebastian r 220 N 10th230J
Mildren Clinic 222 S 2nd_ 96
Mildren F R MD r 721 E Charleston.95
Miles A W r 219 S 9th_1820
Miles M L r 508 S 5th.286
Miller Abe r 5th & W Baltimore1398
Miller & Frehner Garage 15 E Ogden..263
Miller Harry E 302 E Fremont2034
Miller Harry E
Miller J L Lt r Tonopah & Harding
Miller J M Sgt 523 N 11th.1834W
Miller Nellie' Mrs r 210 W McWilliams.1262
Miller O F Lt r 1008 S 3rd1736
Miller Otto r 424 S 1st.. 1513
Miller Phil Capt r 209 E Gass1798
Miller Reinhold r N “H” &
W Jefferson..145
Milligan S H r LA Hwy.1007
Mint Club The 129 E Fremont.1890
Minter B F r 627 S 1st.—137
MirabeUi Charles r Old Ranch N 5th..53J
Mishey WilUe r 618 W Harrison.1457
Mission Taxi 131 E Fremont556
Mitchell N S r Clarkway Drive.1088
Mode O’Day Shop 212 E Fremont..858
Modem Cleaners 134 S 5th..14
Mohawk Service 810 S Main..435
Mohney T G r 1319 S Main..1726
Monson Fred A r 227 S 6th.288
Monson Harris C r 121 N 8th Apt 3. 1052
Monte Carlo Hotel Court 1600 S Main..937
Montgomery W E r 31 E Garces..1329
Monterey Hotel 303 S Main..1145
Moons Bar SLK Hwy N LV.1633
Moore Bob r 1896 Princeton N LV..187
Moore Eleanor r Pike Apt 5.1237
Moore Jack r 205 N 11th1190
Moran Irene r 637 N 8th1347W
Moran James P r 127 N 10th..1376W
Morehouse C A r W Bonanza &
Tonopah Drive.496J
Morgan E C r 44 Cline N LV.1469W
Morgan R L Mrs r 16 N “A”1315J
Morgan Joe r 323 S 3rd. 323
Morgan T U Dentist Rm 2 Delkin Bldg 490
M organ W C r 10 N “D”. 252
M orris Hannah E r 515 E S tew art.. 1433
M orrison R G r 212 N 8th.. 1970
M orrison W H r 423 S 2nd.434J
M orse H M A tty 121 E F rem on t.. 1414
M orse H a rold M Atty r 818 S 3rd.537
M orton’s A ir S erv ice Tonopah Hwy.—1700
M oser A A r 307 N 9th..1137
M osley John r 620 W Harrison.1311
Moss W allace r 207 E Charleston Blvd..l57
M ossey L J r 609 S 3rd..1272
M osso Anna & R o se r 707 S 6th.. 571
Motel Las V ega s 1200 E F rem on t.567
Motor S u p p ly C o In c 121 S Main.. 544
Motor S u p p ly B ook k eep ers Office
121 S Main. 544J
Mueller Martha S Mrs r 829 S 2nd.. 1892
Mu gleston R W “T ex” r 1856%
Harvard N LV.. 751
Mu lick J E r 117 S 8th Apt E . 1452
Mundy W B r 208 N 8th.. .. 151
Munkers Harry r 1827 N Main.1808
Munson R F L t r 34 E ly N LV.. 1010W
Murphy J M r 208 N 7th 183
Murphy & Mackenzie Rm 6
Clark B ld g  .. 1660
Murphy W ilfred r 633 S 10th.. 1660J
Murray E d r 212 N 11th.1872
Murray W D r 14 N “F”. 1375
Mutual Health & B enefit Ass’n
423 E C a rson .- -.-..1996
Myers Bros C on str C o
McCarran Field .. 1993
Myers Clau de r 1825 Jefferson N LV..1474 Myers Gay P etrolan e Gas Co
900 N Main.. -.. 456
M yers Gay r M otel 91_ 456J
N a giller J L r 218 N “A” 829
Nash Mary C Mrs r 602 S 10th_________ 380
Nasu O r 412 W McWilliams.. 1360
Nat’l Catholic Com m u n ity S erv
National H otel 131 S 3rd. .140
National Ice C o 320 S Main--------------75
Navajo Auto C ou rt 1400 E Fremont.l250
Navajo G rill 421 S 5th.. — ..652
'Nay J C r W C harleston B lv d ..1542
Nehi B ev erage Nevada C o 431 S 5th.1655
Nelson R. E. r 206 N 10th. 1654
N elson Tran sfer 512 W McWilliams.181
N ero d J G In c 1017 S Main .. 1848
N ettles S M r 217 N ‘E”.. 784
Nevada Auto Parts 1501-07 S Main.799
Nev ada B ev era ge 123 S Main.— ..844
Nev ada B iltm ore H o tel N Main &
W Bonanza Rd .— ..2200
Nevada B road castin g C o
E l Ranch o H otel.. 1400
Nevada C lu b 115 N 1st.243
Nevada C on solid ated F ast F reigh t
Nev ada E lectric C o & Neon S ign
302 S 2 n d - . 316
N ev ad a E l Neon S ign C o 1228 S
N ev ad a F in ance C o Rm s 18-17
B o / g s B ld g  1027
Nevada In corpora tin g C o
Rm 1 W U nion B ld g .. 8
Nevada M otel 704 S 5th. .'833
Nevada N u rsery W Bonanza R d.877
Nevada P lum b in g S u p p ly C o
401 W B on an za Rd.. 1232
N ev ada P u b lic S erv C om LA H w y .67
Nevada S tate Em p lo y S erv 115 S 4th.513 N ew Western C asin o 124 E Fremont.915
New Y ork L ife In s C o 119 S 1st.. 454
N ew lin Frank r 201 S 9th.. 203
N ick el C E r 426% N 13th.2029
N ick els R ay r 324 S 2nd.2037W
. N icola ides J H “N ick” G arage
716 E S tew a rt.769
N icola ides J H “N ick” r 214% S 9th.769J
Nield J F r 709 E Ogden. „ .. 1584
Nielson F red r 215 S 6th.. 440J
Noblitt C ora Mrs r 217 E L e w is .. 1481
N ob litt L W r V ega s
Noon Earl r 220 N 2nd.168
Norman A1 r C o llege & Princeton
Norman P istole M aydelle r 523 S 2nd.850
Norris Sina Mrs r 616 E S tew art.. 394
No Las Vegas Fire D ept 1830 N Main..569J
No Las Vegas F ire D ept SLK H w y .569R
No Las Vegas Grammar S ch o o l N LV..788
Northern Club 15 E F remont. 85
Nosier J S r Cline & R ose N LV.. 1281
Nowell Ray r 804 S 4th. 657
Noyes Malcolm G Lt r S tew art
Ranch N 5th..1951
Nu-Way Cleaners 121 S 1st.. 1370
Nu-Way Cleaners 1853 N Main.. 1370J
Oakey Thos A r 1100 Frances A v e.. 79J
Oasis Cafe 123 E F rem on t. 144
O’Brien Betty r 122% N 4th.. 1338
O’Brien Jack r 507 E B rid ger.1014J
O’Don n ell Bert r 608 S 7th.. 1085
O’Donnell F L r 611 S 9th.. 1108
Office Equ ipment 222 E F rem on t.369
O gle Wm r 506 N 7th.. 407
O glesb y M C r 711 S 9th.908
Ohman R obert r 701 S 3rd.1703
Oil & Gas Distributors In c LA Hwy496
OK P lum bin g & Sh eet Metal Works
205 S 1st. 224
Oklahoma Cafe 220 N 1st.782
O ld Ranch Cottage Camp N 5th.488
O liv e W C r 631 E Carson.. 1094
Olson C E r 904% S Main.868J
O’Neil J K r 9th & E B rid ger.. 1852
O’Neil Lbr Co 507 W Bonanza R d .. 1344
Opaco Lbr & R ealty C o 1400 S Main.1086
O pie D oris r 613 S 2nd.. 1646
O ppedyke Dairy 600 N Main.. 222
Oran ge Julius 405 E F remont.. 1817
O r r C M r The Grotto N LV.. 245
O sgood Timothy r 34 E ly N LV.. 1010
Ostensen Gu y r 206 N 7th.. 635
Outpost Trading P ost 415-17 E Carson..539
Overlan d Cafe New 8 E F rem on t.. 43
Overland Hotel 2 E F rem on t.. 59
Overland Tavern 6 E Fremont900
Overton R C r C o llege &
Tonopah N LV.. 1608W
Owens A S r 208 E B on n ev ille.. 962
Oxley C r El Rancho D io LA Hwy.l242W
Pace Joe S Mrs r 414 E G arces—..1180
Packard-DeSoto-Plymouth  507 E F remont
Pah or E M r 513 D ivision .. 894J
Palace Theatre 210 S 2nd. 98
Palm Funeral H om e 132 S 1st.. 180
P alm er Margaret M r 2 Park & NM ain 616
Pappas John r 326 S 10th.1249
Paqu ette Richard Lt r 528 S 2nd.1054
P ark H otel 232 S 2nd.. ..!773
P ark W S D r r 7th & E C h arleston .. 45
Parker E ve r 916 E Bonanza R d.. 1648
Parks S Gene & Anna r 132 S 1st.. 180
Partie F C r 526 N 8th.. 210
P arvin Harvey r 909% S 3rd.. 1544
Patterson G eo W r 1100 Francis PL1987
P atterson James
r 1848 P rinceton N LV1286
Patterson Mary r E lm D riv e. .1386
Patterson Max r 1873 N 5th.. 1382W
P aulus W H r 632 S 3rd.. 1722
Payn e L lo y d S r 415 S 3rd.. 558
Payn e P au l Lt r 126% N 4th.. 1387W
P e g g y Kane’s F lorist 120 N 2nd.. 888
P e iffe r O scar L r 500 S 4th.161
P em b rok e C E Mrs r 116 N 7th.. 23
P en n ey J C C o 319 E Fremont194
P erk’s G roceries B C H w y .. 1114W
P em a l Joe r 117% N 4th.. 1211
P erry H L r 700 S 3rd.. 237
P erry J E r 222 S 7th.. 1692
P erson a l Loan C o R m l W Union B ld g 1111
P eterson W J r 3rd & V a lley1568W
P etite D ress Sh op 123 S 2nd752
P etitti A n d rew r 723 S 3rd.. 527
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-9  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
P etrolan e Gas C o 900 N Main..456
Petroleum P ro d u cts T ex a co 900 S Main 442
P h il’s R ad io S er v ice 421 S 5th.. 1199
P h oto S h o p T h e 226 E F rem on t..440
P ick ett Kath ryn r 18 E B o n n e v ille .. 681
P ick ett T B r 612 S 3rd.. 1016
P ico L ou is C r 421 S 3rd..518
P ico W alter G C h irop ra ctor
Rm 7 D elk in B ld g  302
P ico W alter G D r r 416 S 11th.. 302J
P ie rc e C W “W oo d y” r 901 S 4th 142
P ierson F red r 708 S 5th.. 1207
P ig fo rd Arth ur r R ear N “E” &
J a ck son .. 1178
P ik e F A r 117 S 8th A pt G ..627
P in ju v C h arles r 118 N 8th.. 258J
P in ju v E d d ie r 715 E O gd en .. 1257
P in k ston J C Mrs r 207 N 2nd 136
Pioneer Bar 110 S 1st.. 852
Pioneer Club 25 E F rem on t.. 583
Pioneer Con stru ction C o LA Hwy.l533W •
Pioneer Hotel 114 N 1st.._____ 405
P ion eer T itle & In su r & T ru st C o
113 S 4th.. 1776
P ion k e J J r 115 S 5th.. 1674
P ipk in C h a rles W r 615 S 4th. ..693J
P izin ger E d U sed Ca r Market
510-12 E F rem on t 1152
P o lice Station 118 N 2nd 1717
P olly Jean B ea u ty S h o p 223 E Fremont
Polly Jean D ress S h o p 223 E F remont 239
P on y E x p ress 127 S 1st .. 1425
P o o le’s G a ra ge & R e p a ir S h op
1020 E F rem on t 580
P o o le H ow a rd r 204 S 5th.580J
P orter A J r 211 S 7th.. 1140
P orter B u rd ell r P a rk P a seo
V ega V erd i A d d n .1883
P orter & B ask in U sed C a rs 114 S 2nd..l704
P orter J D r 205 S 4th.. 295
P otth off E th el Mrs. r 530 S 3rd.. 386
P ou lo s S am r 903 E B r id g e r .. 1487
P ow ers J am es r 508 S 6th.. 366
P o zil Nate r 620 E C a rson .1403
P rah l R A r 207% S 7th.. 1486
P rem ium O il & G a s 5 P oin t S LK
P rib b le J a ck r 412 E B on n ev ille .  988
P rice J a ck L r 1122 5th P la ce .. 369J
P rice J a ck S to re F o r Men 309 E
P rim e Meats & P ro v isio n s 820 S 5th..25
Professional D ru g C o 421 E Fremont.378
P row itt C P r 1014 E ly N LV .. 182
P u llm an C lu b C a r S L K H w y .672
P u p H ie B C Hwy..i 856
Purdy B ert r 1109 3rd P la ce .. 858J
P u rd y F ran k r 1626% S 2nd.. 1222
P u rd y J a ck B r 601 E O g d en .1062
P u rd y R a lp h S r 731 S 7th.. 200J
■ P u rd y T e x S e r v S ta 3rd & E
P u rsel H a rry H r 1112 S 3rd844J
P u rsel J W r 925 S 3rd 986
P u rsel M G r 417 N 9th. 1671
Q u a k er H ea ters 802 E F rem on t . 258
Q u a lity B a k ery 209 S 1st. 655
Q u a lity P l’b in g S h o p 1020 E Fremont.218
R a d er W L r 811 S 4th1566
R a d k e R F r 119% S 7th 836
R a fa el A n d y r 212 S 6th .. 368J
R a ilw a y E x p r A g c y In c U P Depotll20
R a k e G e o r g e W r 732 S 6th .. 593
R a lli P a u l A tty r 732 S 4th.. 123J
R a lli P a u l A tty R m 205 B e c k le y Bldg
Rancho Grande C r e am e r y 406 S 2nd 399
R a p o p o rt E th el r 207 S 6th .. 1104
Rapid T ra n sfer S e r v ic e 10 E O gd en .
R a sm u ssen S C G en’l C on tra ctor
324 N 6th 584
Rath bu n F ra n k D C iv il & M in in g
R a tigan P J r 231 N 2nd  1762W
R au C a rl r 1105 S 6th.. 416
R a y C a rl F in a n cier 424 E F rem on t 331
R a y J oh n r 218 N 9th A p t 3 219J
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-10  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
Northern Club
Read & Company 211 S 3rd     1680
Read City Drug 231 E Fremont    767
Ready Marjorie r 501 S 8th     1278
Realty Development Corporation
10th & E Charleston Blvd     .79
Recreation Center 123 S 2nd     606
Recreation Tavern 123 S 2nd    .385
Red Cross Rm 7 Clark Bldg     1435
Redford Helen r 407 S 1st      .931
Red Rooster Nite Club LA Hwy  ..1177
Red Top Inn 1025 E Fremont    1366
Reese L G Lt r 510 S 5th     1561W
Refrigeration Service 310 E Ogden . 1234
Remington Rand Agcy
Rm 18 Delkin Bldg      . 1690
Reno-Tonopah LV Stage Line
220 N 10th            230
Rental Inform Exchange 208 S 2nd .l641
Republic Meat Co 511 E Fremont  .2017
Republic Sup Co 311 W Bonanza Rd 1701
Review-Journal 113 S 1st       .6
Nite Number  ..„       ..119
Nite Number          ..608
Reynolds P C r 1224 S 10th     1863
Reynolds Robert L Capt
r 112 E Bonneville        1138
Reynolds Wanda r 517 S 1st     649
Rhoads Wallie J r 207 V* S 7th    .630
Richards Charles L r 1501 S 2nd  .1048
Richfield Oil Corp 610 S Main    510
Richfield Serv Sta 500 E Fremont .510J
Richfield Service Station 501 S 5th .l86
Riddle A L r 530 S 9th         4
Riddle Tours 117 E Fremont      4
Riley James r 218 S 8th       1944
Riley Martin Lt r 1535 S 3rd    .1938
Ritter J M r 123 E Garces      980
Roach Jack r 1918 Glider N LV  ..1439
Robe Lewis B r 612% W Morgan Ave..l73
Roberson Paul r 312 S 10th    691W
Roberton L T r 631 S 9th     1192
Roberts Mary Jane - Point Trailer Mkt 
Roberts T L r 920 S 1st       154
Robertson Bert A r 602 E Bridger ..1491
Roche T F r 317 S 5th        991
Rock Gas 209 S 3rd         262
Rockefeller Marion r 516% S 3rd  .963
Rockwell Glen r W Van Buren   .1934
Rockwell Leon H r 121 N 3rd    100
Rocky Mt Service Inc 1200 N Main .1933
Roe Richard R r 1009 S 3rd     1037
Roesselet Lillie Mrs r 1412 S 5th  .1321
Rogan George r 419 S 3rd      890
Rogers C R r 417 S 2nd       1523
Rogers C W Lt r 319 N 5th  ..1553W
Rohay John r 400 N 8th      1628W
Rollins Avis r Blakey Apt 6     615
Ronnow C Leland r 221 S 5th    246
Ronnow Chas C r 429 S Main    346
Ronnow Joe r 510 S 1st      1314
Ronnow Lee r 808 S 6th       853
Ronnow Lorin r 520 S 9th     .807
Ronzone Bertha Mrs r 527 S 4th  ..916
Ronzone Dept Store 213 E Fremont .599
Roosa Angie r Pike Apt 6      206
Roschl Richard r 201 N 3rd     174
Rost Rusty r 16th & E Stewart  ..1333
Rowan Jimmy r 720 William    1632
Rowan M P r 1829 N Main     1939
Rowe Edward ErCase’s Trailer Camp 1130
Rowe Lewis E r 721 S 6lh      463
RowCrhorst William r 214 N 4th  ..1869
Rowley Phil B r Boston St
Meadows Addn        .1398W
Royal Autel Court 615 S 5th    1243
Rudidoux A P r 605 S 9th      878|
Ruggeroli Harrv r 621 Verdi Lane ..1796
Ruhl Chas S r 808 S 7th      ..637
Russell John L r 113 E Bridger Ave .401
Russell Robert r 520 N “E”     1388
Ryan Frank M r 601 S 3rd      104
Ryan L C Dentist Rm 208 Prof Bidg''..1316
Ryan L C Dentist r 401 E Clark ..1316J
Sailor J R r 600 S 7th        .1209
St. John
La Bonita Hotel on the corner at
30 E Fremont  
Silver Club at 108 N. First
Golden Camel at  108 N. First
La Bonita Hotel on the corner at 30 E Fremont  
Silver Club at 108 N. First 
Golden Camel at  108 N. First
Courtesy UNLV Digital Collection
Salton Rebecca r 518 S 2nd1383
Sal Sagev Beauty Shop 103 S Main.499
Sal Sagev Hotel 5 E Fremont..—.10
Sal Sagev Tavern 1 E Fremont.609
Salt Lake Tribune 415-17 E Carson..539
Samet Harry 720 S 7th..1239
Sampson William r 1711 S Main.1097
Samson Arden r 519 N 9th..1156W
Sam’s Cafe 320 E Fremont..1288
Sandall & Davis Boat Co. 514 S 5th.319
Sandall Edith r 227 N 5th..487
Sandberg Doris
r Rm 307 Berkley Bldg..1661
Sandlin W T r Woodland Addn..1668W
Sandrich Mark J Public Accountant
Rm 208 Beckley Bldg1.591
Sanders A r 681 Williams.840J
San Souci Auto Court LA Hwy..1277
Santongue J F r 330 S 10th..1745
San tongue Van r 117 S 4th..736
Sargent Claude r 127 S 9th..872
Sargent Margaret E r 500 N 8th.1412
Saunders R B r 625 S 2nd..719
Sax Richard M r 1027 Francis Place.
Schaum A W r 117 S 8th Apt L..1394
Scheer Aurelia r Tonopah Hwy..854
Schellang A F r 117 S 8th Apt D1806
Scherer L B r 523% S 4th.1561
Scherer O J Co 209 S 3rd..1627
Scherer O J Co Field Supt
307 E Carson1627W
Schloesslin Joe r 215 E Calif.,.803
Schmidt A J r 210 S 8th—.1083
Grammar School 420 S 5th..60
LV High School 301 S 7th..466
LV High School Shop 301 S 7th.466J
LV High School Gymnasium
301 S 7th.. 466R
N LV Grammar School N LV____788
School Nurse 317 S 4th..240
School Supply 317 S 4th..240
Westside Grammar School
N “D” & W Washington..277
Schouten R r 1107 S 1st.. 374
Schuford E F r 201 S 6th,.1462
Schultz Earl B r 115 N 5th..1147
Schultz Kenneth J Lt r 508% S 6th.ll09
Schuyler W N r 604 S 6th. 51
Scott D H r 127 N 12th.1026
Scott Helen r 322 S 7th___ 780
Scott J F r 601 E Bridger—.1351
Scott Olive r Back of LV Hospital..1372
Scott Peggy r 707 N 9th..1347
Scott Sally Mrs r 108 W Morgan..1315R
Scott Walter W r Tonopah Dr..1747
Sears Roebuck & Co 601 E Fremont.2300
Searles Kenneth r W Bonanza Rd.__415
Searway C H r 226 N 2nd..1003
See Will G Sgt r 419 N 11th..*1912
Seever W D r 706 S 1st. .1407
Seiberling Tires 512 S Main..351
Sellick Gladys r 515% E Fremont..1923
Service Cleaners 119 S Main..310
Service Printers—-LV Age Inc
411 E Fremont.. 7
Seven-Up Bottling Co 828 S Main..868
Sexsmith J H r 600 N Main.551
Shade Harry E r 524 S 3rd..781
Shady Moor Lodge 325 S 2nd..744
Sharp Alden r 1137 S 6th..1179
Sharpe F W Decorating Co
1007 S Main992
Sharpe Frank W r 32 Cline N LV..992J
Sharpe Thomas E r Twin Lakes Farm.,629
Shaw Alma r N “E” & W Van Buren.,1895
Shaw F K r Baltimore Meadows
Shaw Kenneth r 17 E Bonneville..597
Sheet Metal Works 1030 S Main..894
Shell Oil Co 524 S Main..229
Shell Serv Station 3rd & E Fremont1695
Shell Service Station 5th & S Main.950
Shell Service Station 200 E Fremont.526
Shelly Bessie r 506 N “E”..1693W
Shepard J L r 918 S 4th..934
Sheppard E S r 329 S 2nd..270
Sherburne Harold L Mrs 303 S 9th.1978
Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas       
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
Sheridan Ney Jr Lt r 204%B N 6th
Sheriffs Office Courthouse      77
Sherman P J r N “F” & W Jefferson.. 1090
Shidler Horace r Mayfair Addn   1855
Shippy W B r 302 N 13th      1231
Shirley M A Lt r 215 E Clark    1738
Sholes Wingfield r 310% S 3rd   .175
Shrider Gladys r 1711 S Main    1097
Shuffield S E r 711 S 7th     634
Shurtleff Vic r 131 N 12th     1161
Signal Oil Co Bulk Plant
802 E Fremont          .258
Signal Oil Fuel 802 E Fremont   258
Signal Serv Station 4th & E Fremont..l787
Sigurdson J r 402 N 6th       519
Sill’s Drive Inn 5th & E Charleston .505
Sill J M r 311 N 6th      . 127
Silvagni Lena r 401 S 6th      172
Silvagni P O Apache Hotel     1057
Silvagni S T r Biltmore Addn    1932
Silver Cafe 106 N 1st        662
Silver Club 108 N 1st        .737
Silver E V Major r 606 S 2nd     1422
Silver State Juice Co 201 E Bridger .1563
Silver State News Service 110 S 2nd .119
Silver State Tent & Awning Shop
Simon June r 801 N “A”              73
Simmons Lorin r Glider & Tonopah
Simonson Eric Lt r 305 S 6th       1835
Simpson R V Mrs r 14 E Stewart     1495
Sims Clay B r 817 S 2nd             1560W
Sims G L r 215 N 12th                  457
Singer Sewing Machine Co 213 E
Singleton Minnie r 625% S 4th         815
Sister Superior 323 S 5th          
Sisters of Holy Nativity r 212 E
Sittle A H r 527 S 5th               1053
Skylstead George r 826 S 3rd         1479
Sky Haven Airport Tonopah Hwy     1700
Slade D B r 606% S 2nd               1556
Slavin Hale B MD 202 N Main   ..422
Slavin Hale B MD r 521 S 7th..-.  
Sleeper John r Eastland Heights .1390W
Sloan C H Rev r 110 N 7th   
Sloan F B r 1205 S 9th     .- 2014
Slot Machine Co The 101 E Fremont..529
Smallwood GPr 1220 S 10th.  . 1279
Smart W J r 221 N 3rd    J    ..1679
Smart & Final Co Ltd 118 S 4th  ..427
Smilanick Pete r 627 S 6th    .—1049
Smith Benton V r 618 S 2nd    315
Smith & Chandler 110 E Fremont  .709
Smith Clifford L r 317 N 7th    1244
Smith C W r 205 S 6th       .1013
Smith E M r 922 S 4th       .155
Smith Freeman r 220 N “A” .. 834
Smith Harold E Lt r 1525% S Main .631W
Smith Helen Marie r Blakey Apt 19.
Smith J D Dentist 103 E Fremont ..165
Smith J D Dentist r 624 S 6th    .191
Smith J E r 117 S 8th Apt J    .1864
Smith Jack L r 626 S 8th
Smith Joe r 426% S 2nd—      987
Smith LaRue Lt r 406 N 6th—
Smith Leo r 601 S 4th        839
Smith Mary r 119 N "A”      .710
Smith Otis r 221 N 4th       .392
Smith Paul F r 709 E Ogden    .1584
Smith Ray H r 508 N 7th      1749
Smith Sarah r 622 S 2nd     1009W
Smith Wm. G r Garden St NLV .1548W
Smith W R Veterinary r 610 S 10th .211
Smith’s Rootbeer Stand 311 Stewart.,1015
Snarr D L r 1124 Francis PI    .1947
Snider Betty r 810 S 7th      1354
Snyder Annette r 509 N 6th     1664
Snyder Floor Co 321% N 9th    .905
Snyder Lincoln r 310 W Bonanza Rd .352
Snorf John r Tonopah Ave    ..1259
Soder Robert r 628 S 1st     1746
Solomon B r 226 N 9th      . .1119
Sorensen W C r 116 E Bonneville 596
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-11  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
Trail Cafe
                   Greyhound Bus Depot
Northern Club
Las Vegas Club
Trail Cafe
Greyhound Bus Depot
Northern Club 
Las Vegas Club
Southern Nev Disinfectant Co
125 N Main           ..388
Southern Nev Industries Main &
E Charleston           1480
Southern Nev Meat & Prov Co
W Charleston Blvd       620
Southern Nev Power Co and
Southern Nev Telephone Co:
Ass’t Gen’l Mgr Ofc 111 S 2nd ..78
Business Ofc 109 S 2nd     101
Chief Engineer 510 E Carson  .949
Chief Operators Desk 510 Carson..343
Clark Ed W President 113 S 2nd .999
Commercial Ofc 109 S 2nd   .228
Gen’l Manager’s Ofc 111 S 2nd .395
Gen’l Plant Dept 1 E Garces  .250
Ticket Clerk 510 E Carson   .225
Toll Billing Ofc 111 S 2nd   .1043
Toll Chief Operator 510 E Carson..817
Southwest Plumbing & Supply Co
Spainhower Elmer r Vegas Camp
Spainhower H E r Vegas Camp N Main
Speer Lloyd M r 500 N 7th     1149
Spiers Auto Court 620 S 5th    .1511
Spence Jack E D r 811 S 3rd  ..1292J
Spencer Leonard Mrs r 806 S 2nd ..1289
Sperry Feeds 512 S Main    .—351
Spoonemoore V A Major r 315 S 3rd..l917
Sport Shop The 316 E Fremont ..1001
Sprague Annabelle r 621 S 2nd       826
Square Deal Loan Co 109 S 1st  ..1357
Squires Ray r 321 N 5th    ..1567W
Staggs W S r 405 E Clark     .113
Stahl James r 807 S Main     .1941
Standard Brands of Calif 238 N 8th .586
Standard Oil Co of Calif 400 S Main .86
Standard Sta Inc 38 431 E Fremont .87
Standard Sta Inc 43 301 S 5th   .522
Standard Sta Inc 505 201 N Main ..961
Stand Sta Inc 3893 N 5th & Hwy 91 .1285 Standard Wholesale Supply Co
700 S Main                        605
Stanford Harvey r 226 S 5th    625
Stanley John r Boston Meadows Ad .932
Star Barbecue 5th & E Linden  ..1477
Starbuck John R Lt r Charleston .1270W
Stark W C r 816 E Carson    ..258W
Starrett Paul Capt r 18 E Lewis  .1954
State Cafe 20 E Fremont    .. 582
State Nevada:
Dept of Weights • & Measures
Food & Drugs    .   ..368
Petroleum Prod Insp Rm 16
Employment Security 115 S 4th .513
Hwy Engr Div 603 N Main  ..307
Hwy Gar & Rep Shop Slk Hwy .452
Public Service Comm LA Hwy .67
Motor Vehicle Dept Courthouse .74
Supt of Schools Courthouse  ..292
Stauffer Gladys L r 118 E Bonanza .l764
Stearley peo R Lt r 518 E Garces ..1733
Steams Dave r 823 S 6th --742
Steams Sam r 625 S 6th   .. 888J
Steele’s Jewelry 11 E Fremont  ..1887
Steele John Lt r Case’s Tlr Camp .1618
Steele Stanley r 1875 N 5th   ..1594
Steffes A P G Atty
Steffes A P G Atty r Watters Apt 4 591J
Sterling D r 129 N 12th    ..1026W
Stephens R J r 614 S 9th   .. 266
Stephenson Gladys T Chiropractor
S 5th to Cleveland       881
Stevens Fred B r 423 S Main Apt 12..1683
Stevens L F Lt r 310 N 10th    .955
Stevenson A H Jr r 213 N 7th    84
Steward Harry C r Rose Wdl Add ..365
Stewart Halley r 512 S 5th    ..735
Stewart J I r 1889 Yale N LV.      1591
Stewart Mina r Old Ranch N 5th ..1571
Stewart Paris r 506 N 8th    ..1154
Stewart Ronald r 709 E Garces  .1181
Stewart S U r 123 N “F”   . 1339
Stewart Tom r 713 E Carson  ..1157W
Stewart Wayne r 804 S 6th   ..1186
Stocker Clarence r Rose Garden Add..379
Stocks Albert r 525 S 9th    ..1774
Stocks Harrison r 750 E FTemont .481J
Stocks Mill & Supply Co Inc
750 E Fremont     .. .481
Stocker O C Mrs r 605 S 3rd   ..221
Stockwell H J Capt r Stewart’s
Ranch N 5th        ..1951W
Stone Ed F r 625 S 3rd   ,   .268
Stone John L r 800 S 3rd Apt 1  ..948
Stoney M E r 525 N 10th   . 1816
Storey A E r E Charleston Blvd
& S Main      . 1392
Studebaker Sales & Service
131 S Main      
Sturgis Dorothy r SLK Hwy   .1381
Sullivan Charles r 412 E Garces  1348
Sullivan Mark S r 712 S 4th   ..1821
Sullivan Richard r Main & E Stwrt..l255
Sullivan Vada B rl3th & E Stwrt..l665W Sutherland D C r Park Paseo
Vega Verdi Add’n        1767
Sutton Bruce r 325 S 3rd    ..1517
Swank J L MD Rm 214 Prof Bldg ..417
Swank J L MD r 214 N 8th   ..417J
Swansen H S Capt r
2nd & E Charleston Blvd   .. 1490
Swartz Dick r Euclid     ..„ ..1920
Sweaney Fred r 302 W Jefferson .536W
Sweaney Harry J r 2800 W Bonanza .439 Swigart John K Capt r 408%C N 6th 1553
Sybil’s Dress Shop 120 N 3rd   ..1744
Sylvain Victor Dr r 610 S 7th   ..1995
Tambini Kathryn r 816 S 2nd  ..381W
Taney Tom r 1005 Norman   . 779
Tank Gas Petrolane 900 N Main  ..456
Tank-O-Gas 310 E Fremont    .725
Tank-O-Gas Co 950 S Main   ..725R
Nite Number         ..1098
Tanner Ralph J r 404 N 8th   ..1413
Tate E P r 1815 W Jefferson  ..1936W
Tate Myrtle r Tonopah Rd &
Woodland Addn        ..1061
Taverna J Jr 926 S 3rd     ..1489
Taylor & Ham Attys Rm 8 Boggs Bldg.,40
Taylor C L Major r 122 S 8th  ..1353
Taylor Ed B r 44 Ely N LV   .‘1656
Taylor Ryland G r 1108 S 6th   406
Teal Woodrow W r 325 N 7th   918
Templeton John r 117 S 8th Apt 1  1251
Tennessee Schuylkill Corp
14 E Fremont         ..1607
Testolin Berto r 204 S 9th    ..1071
Texaco Sales & Service 131 S Main   89
Texaco Silver State Service Station
5th & E Fremont                   665
Texas Co The 902 S Main        442
Thebo T J r W Bonanza Rd        509
Theriot J E r 621 S 9th    .. 1955
Thiess Walter H r 1205 S 4th    .1992
Thomas Earl C & Ass’n 113 S 3rd ..1604
Thomas Everett r 525 N 8th           377
Thomas James Pierce
r Sunrise Add’n       2013
Thomas Roscoe W r 827 S 7th   .285
Thompson Claude r 626 S 10th  ..1349
Thompson George N r 726% S 4th ..746
Thompson I S Atty Rm 5-6
Griffith Bldg       150
Thompson Marion r 406 S 4th  ..1906
Thompson V B r 918 S 3rd  .  ..1865
Thomson Wm L Lt
r 1862 Yale N LV       .1024W
Thornton Byron O r 429 N 8th  ..456J
Thornton Byron O r 429 N 8th  ..262J
Thrifty Mart 201 E Bridger    ..458
Thruston Julian r Huntridge Addn..l823
Thurman W Jr 431 S 2nd    ..1208
Tidewater Assoc Co 800 S Main   .400
Tidewater Assoc Station 951
5th & E Carson     .. 35
Tiffany A1 r Biltmore Addn    1761
Tilbury Helen Dr 113-15 N 5th   1147
Tilbury Helen Dr r 1028 Francis P1 .1147J
Tile Contracting Co 722 S 1st  ..1329W
Tilley George 800 Tonopah N LV .1936
Tinch M C r 831 S Main     846
Tips Barbecue 1516 S 5th    ..1812
Titsworth C r 623 S 4th     ..1017
Titus Clayton r Rose & Ely N LV ..821
Titus Lonnie r 201 Harding N LV ..459
Tivoli Tavern 126 N 1st     ..396
Todd L W r 1615 Marracci N LV ..1409
Toggery The 12 E Fremont    ..805
Tomsik Hannah Mrs r 42 Cline N LV 1469
Tourist Information Bureau 113 S 3rd 204
Tower The "SLK Hwy       1410
Tower Beauty Shop SLK Hwy  .1565
Tower Shell Service Sta 125 S 5th ..979
Town Barbecue 506 E Fremont  .1099
Townsend Oakley F r 410 E Garces .l634
Trail Cafe 13 E Fremont     .1697
Transcontinental & Western Air Inc
8 Miles NE LV         1100
Traveler’s Auto Crt 1100 E Fremont .l99
Tripp Gerald r 1834 Roosevelt  ..938W
Tritle Lloyd H r 917 S 1st     ..924
Trout H K r 137 S 15th      ..546
Troy Steam Laundry 119 N Main  ..19
Truckdrivers Local Union 361
118% E Fremont .     -.1428
Trusel John M r 900 S 4th    .1815
Tucker Horace r 902 S 4th.            952
Turner B J r 431 N 10th     ..1673
Turner Clesse M r 631 S 3rd   ..816
Turner Melvin r 417 N 7th Apt A ..1509
Turner Reese r 623 S 8th     ..970
Twenty-One dub Last Frontier Club
LA Hwy       .2121
Tyler Betty Voss r Woodl Park Add—1182
Tyson LELtr 315 S 1st   .. 891
Ullom Geo r 1216 S 10th      .1155
Ullom J M Mrs r 807 S 6th.           430
Ullom Lloyd r 217 S 4th     ..418
Ullom Studio 522 E Fremont   .494
Umsted Roy r 709 E Ogden   ..1465
Underhill C C r 719 S 6th     ..768
Underhill E O r 332 S 6th    ..- 638
Underwood Typewr Agcy 106 S 2nd
Union Bus Depot 4 E Fremont   .290
Union Cab Company 117 N 1st   ..911
Union Hotel 227 S Main      ..260
Union Oil Service Station 1019
5th & E Fremont ..- .-    ..1458
Union Oil Service Station 1835
Main & E Stewart        .1255
Union Oil Wholesale Co 226 S Main .171
Union Pacific Railroad Co (Private
Exchange connecting all Depts.) .1120
Bus Depot 4 E Fremont           290
Garage 200 S Main      ..1120
Medical Dept 202 N Main         422
Rooming House 401 S 2nd—   30
Stock Yards RR Yards    . 651
United Ass’n of Plumbers & Steam-
fitters 118% E Fremont   .. 678
United Construction Co Inc
324 E Fremont                  91
Unite States Storage Co
303 E Fremont    .. 2015
Uptiegrove R S r 218 S 1st    ..1639
U S Federal Offices:
Army Gunnery School (PBX)
Airport     .. 1440
Bureau of Old Age Insurance
Commissioner West Union Bldg  272
Clark Co Defense Rm 6 Fed Bldg.,1710
Dept of Agriculture Extension
Service Rm 303 Federal Bldg .159
Dept of Agriculture Farm Security Admin Rm 302 Fed Bldg ..897
Dept of Commerce Civil
Aeronautics Airport     1105
Dept of Interior Fish & Wildlife Service:
Boulder Canyon Nat’l Wild Life Refuge Rm 304 Fed Bldg  -914
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-12  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
Desert Game Refuge Rm 304
Federal Bldg        914
Fishery Station Tonopah Hwy ..1080
Employment Service 115 S 4th .513
Engineer’s Office Airport    1362
Fed Hous Adm Rm 5 Fed Bldg .1696
Forest Service Rm 301 Fed Bldg.,1116
Internal Rev Rm 205 Fed Bldg .749
Marshall A T McCarter
Rm 205 Federal Bldg     ..420
Natl Housing Agcy Fed Pub
Housing Authority 500 N 11th .1267
National Youth Administration
Rm 306 Federal Bldg    ..1167
Navy Recruiting Sub-Station
Rm 4 Federal Bldg      879
Old Age Assistance Division
E Bonanza Road       ..602
Post Office Federal Bldg     72
Selective Service Local Board
Clark Co Rm 305 Fed Bldg  944
Social Security Board
Rm 204 Federal Bldg    ..927
USO Club of Las Yegas
4th & E Stewart       1735
Weather Bureau Airport    1101
Works Projects Adm
Fed Works Agcy    ..- ..1713
Child Welf Div W Bonanza Rd .602
Clark Co Relief W Bonanza Rd .602
Valet Cleaners & Tailoring 121 N 2nd .53
Van Buskirk H G r 216 No A    1142
Van Cleve Mary r 103 E Hoover   956
Van-Der-Bilt Cafe El Cortez Hotel .1500
Van Dine Fred r 110 E Clark    .1843
Van Gordon A L r 519 S 4th     577
Van Horn J H Lt r 524 N 12thr   .1928
Van Sant W M Lt r 632 E Stewart .1759
Vance W D r 950 S Main      725J
Varela Manuel r 617 S 1st      .697
Vasilou Nick r 111 Sal Sagev Court .l799
Vause Earl r 1131 S 10th___|—    .1775
Vegas Clesining Works Inc 115 N Main..33
Vegas Credit Bureau
Western Union Bldg   1    .272
Vegas Rock & Sand Co
10th & E Fremont   .. 1146
Verna’s Drive Inn 123 S 5th    .1018
Victor & Lilyan Massage Steam &
Vapor Baths 727 S 5th      1220
Vincent Ray Sr r 1915 E Fremont  1573
Von Tobel Lumber Co 217 S 1st    .47
Von Tobel Ed r 214 S 2nd      920
Von Tobel E Jr r 520 S 7th St    1358
Waddell Earl R Lt r 201 S 6th   .1530
Waddell L O r 220 E Gass     1459
Wadkins John A Dr 410 E Fremont .1136
Wadsworth C I r 713 S 2nd      754
Wadsworth Curtis r 508 S 1st    2038
Wadsworth Frank r 710 S 1st    147J
Wadsworth Glen
r Rose & Cline N LV       1359
Wadsworth J K r 824 S 7th   .. 703
Wadsworth Edna r 714 S 6th     542
Wagner Jack H 209 E Bonneville .1252
Wagner Marie r 517 S Second ..1788W
Wait Ed G r 518 W Wilson      283
Wait Frank r 201 N 9th       777
Waite Floyd r 612 S 7th      2012
Waldman Herbert r Pittman Place .l421
WalkerNitu r 313 N 8th       1818
Walker Ralph C r 610 S 8th     1283
Wallace & Wallace
3 % Miles West of Red Rooster  ..306
Wallace & Wallace 15th & E Carson .306J
Wallace E Clark Capt r 406B N 6th .l550
Wallace G G Chiropractor 126 S 5th .641
Wallace G G Dr r Mayfair Add’n ..614J
Wallace Hugh r Glider N LV    1873
Wallace L F r Rose & Tonopah
N LV             .1908W
Walters Paul A Inc El Rio Garage ..898
Ward Herbert r 712 S 10th     1275
Ward John E r 711 S 10th     1308
Ward J H r Goldring & Rose     Ill
Ward M E r 328 S 2nd        162
Ward Olin S r 224 S 9th      1434
Warm Springs Ranch Inc
Boggs Bldg Rm 5         1373
Wame Clyde A r 129 S 9th     1684
Warren Hazel Mrs r 132 N 7th    601
Warren Holmes L r 20 N “E”     432
Wasden Eddie r 226 N 7th     1067
Wasden Howard r 517 S 4th     1253
Washburn Florence P r 617 S 2nd .1737
Watson Charles r 21 E Clark  ..1691W
Watters J T r 120 N 2nd      1605
Watters J T Wholesale Co
120 N 2nd          . 158
Wayne’s Auto Body Shop 114 S 5th ..540
Wayside Court 809 S 5th      .1772
Webb Amelia r 318 S 10th      112
Webb J E r 231 S 5th        983
Webb J E Wedding Chapel
Acre Auto Court So 5th     1293
Wee Shoppe 222 E Fremont     369
Welch M C r 122% S lst _     ..864
Weisberger Jack r LA Hwy    1277W
Weller Burt & Anna Mae
r Country Club Addn      1106J
Wells Cargo Inc El Cortez Hotel  .1881
- Wells T A Atty Rm 3 Boggs Bldg  .304
Wells T A r LA Hwy       1177W
Wells W B “Sundown” r 307 S 3rd .797
Wendel J W r 626 S 7th       1577
Wendelboe A1 C r 510 S 8th  . 25R
Wengert C S r 1001 S 6th  ..8 .„ 102
Wengert Delano r 1140 S 6th    984
Wengert Ella Mrs r 130 N 4th    547
Wengert S B r 711 W Morgan   ..656
Werner Marion r 1120 Francis PI ..1948
Werner Ted r Clark Way Drive ..1028
Wessel E A Rev r 1230 S 10th   .1163
West M W r 537 N 11th      .1974
Western Air Express
8 Miles NE of Las Vegas     2100
Western Auto Supply Co
429 E Fremont         ..—13
Western Auto Supply Furniture
Store 144 10th & E Charleston
Western Auto Supply Warehouse
6th & Linden         .1221J
Western Heating & Ventilating Co
710 S Main           .1415
Western Union 107 E Freont    2020
Westinghouse Electric & Manuf Co
2 E Bridger           ..1647
Westinghouse Elec Supply 302 S 2nd
Westinghouse Supply 700 S Main ..605
HWestlake M Mrs r 232 S 4th     256
Westside Grammar School
4th & W Washington       277
Whipple Miriam r 521 E Stewart ..1826
Whipple Reed r 618 S 6th     .1011
Whipple Roy r 320 S 6th   .. 1406W
Whistler C W Capt r 309 N 8th  ..1644
White Cross Drug Co 201 E Fremont .97
White Spot Cafe 109 E Fremont  ..565
White J E r Tonopah & Goldfield
White Jessie E r 107 Rose N LV ..1409W
Whitehead S R r 330 N 7th      349
Whitesell Georgia r 1008 W
Whiteside E L r 612 S 5th      572
Whitmore John F Staff Sgt
r 630 S 1st           1297W
Whitney Geo B r 908 S 1st     1897
Whitney M W Mrs r 119 N 6th  ..1828
Wiener Louis Tailor Co 9 E Fremont .425
Wiener Louis r 212 S 5th      425J
Wiener Louis Jr Atty
Rm 205 Beckley Bldg      ..1657
Wilboum’s Store 427 E Fremont   880
Wilde J K r 1626 S 2nd   .. 968
Wiley A C r 323 N 6th        242
Wiley Roland Dist Atty Courthouse .503
Wiley Roland Atty r 1111 5th Place .838
Wilgar B P & Sons Glass Co
1034 S Main           1559
Wilgar B P r 684 Williams N LVG .1559W
Wilkes W Lt r 823 E Park Paseo  .1983
Willett K A Mrs r 604% S 3rd  ..1175
Williams Don r 190 7 N 5th NLV  316J
Williams Hazel Lee r 112 E Hoover .382
Williams L C r 300 N 10th    .._ 141
Williams T L r 5th & Oxford    .1956
Williamson Katherine r 214 E Lewis .2007
Williamson V A r 645 Bell Dr    .1789
Willis C C Mrs r 225 N 6th     ..1886
Willis Glenn O r 331 N 12th     .1430
Willstead R J r 1023 Norman    .1910
Wilmot John D r 411 S 5th   .. 762
Wilson E D r 115 S 9th       1485
Wilson Fred r 509 S 7th       .220
Wilson H L Mrs r 24 E Stewart   1110
Wilson J W r 222% S 2nd      ..426
Wimpys Famous Foods
210 E Fremont    ..i     ..384
Windsor Hotel 830 E Fremont    478
Winter E Dr Rm 203 Beckley Bldg .421
Winter E Dr r 601 S 7th     421J
Witcher A B r 410 S 7th_49
Wittwer J H r 314 N 9th    334
Wittwer Wm r N 5th Old Ranch  628
Wixom C F r 922 S 3rd__ 1450
Woitishek Cement Plant
Bonanza Rd at Underpass      .1766
Woitishek Louis r 511 S 7th__ 169
Woitishek Lumber Co 332 N Main  363
Woitishek Lumber Co 332 N Main._701
Wollenzine Jack C r 719 S 2nd_25J
Wollman Hotel 323 E Fremont_122
Women’s Ambulance Defense Corps
209 E Bridger__■_1755
Wood C E Lt r 218% S 5th.1482
Wood J Furniture Store No. 2
1401 S Main_2000
Woodbury C W MD r 430 S 7th_350
Woodbury Howard Dentist 122 N 2nd..131
Woodbury Howard W Dentist
r 1028 Norman.__131W
Woodbury Shirl r 1029 Francis Place 1838
Woodlawn Cemetery N bth & Park_92
Woodruff Robt W r 415 N 9th__.26
Woods Bonnie r 1870 Hoover NLV .1234J
Woods L E r 312 E Gass1547
Woods T M r 129 Boston__1378R
Woods WWLtr 1893 Harvard NLV 1591W
Wooley Frank r 210 W Morgan_1046
Worswick A L Architect 209 S 3rd__412
Worthen W G “Bill” r 1107 S 3rd__1793
Worthen G H r 1300 E Fremont_1637
Wright James C r 318 E Carson_1196
Wright Joyce r 714 S 4th757
Wright Marinello Beauty Salon
318 E Fremont.__ 640
Wright Stella r 421 N 8th---------------965
Wright W O r Rosewood Ave----------1668
Wyatt Chas r 431 N 11th--------------1918
Wyatt J E r 303 S Main Apt 5 .. 1425J
Yard L D Capt r 514 S 6th-------------1320
Yates O W Mrs r 516 S 7th__325
Ye King’s Auto Rest Court 526 S 5th .255
Yellow Cab 117 E Fremont       4
Yerxa Harold r 201 S 8th St    .1739
York F W Dr Clinic 226 S 2nd   ..935
York F W Dr r 626 S 9th935J
Yost Marian r 519% N 7th----------1154W
Young DCr 13th &E Stewart   2010
Young H L Lt r 129 N 6th     1569
Young Harry r Sunrise Park Addn  959
Young James L r 800 Tonopah   541
Young Vernon “Tommy”
r 223 W Wilson     . 281
Young’s Transfer 204 N 4th     .185
Yturri Ines r 14 E Clark_ 847
Zahn Kenneth r 721 S 4th      ..1213
Zigich Millie r 205 S 7th1576
Zettler George r 725 S 8th     .. 214
Zigtema Barney D r 1830 N Main   569J
Zuehlke H R r 319 N 5th     560W
Zula’s Beauty Shop 128 N 3rd  . 497
June 1942 Las Vegas Telephone Listings-13  Courtesy of the Nevada State Museum - Las Vegas         
Scan by Over50Vegas.com
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