1938 Las Vegas City Directory

Overland Hotel
Bill Goodwin
Tivoli Tavern
Las Vegas Baking Co., 402 S 2nd—Phone 110
Mlller's Bakery, 131 S 1st—Phono 888
QUALITY BAKERY. 209 S 1st—Phone 655
First National Bank. 102 Fromont--Phone 1
AL'S BAR. Ill S Ul—Phone 804
Apache Bar. 106 N 2nd—Phono 217
Barrel House, 22 Fromont
Boulder Bar. 120 Fromont
Exchange Bar. 123 S 1st
Fromont Tavern. 101 Fremont—Phono 722
Grotto. The, Salt Lake Hiway N L V—Ph 245
LAS VEGAS TAVERN. 21 Fremont—Ph 663
Mission Bar. 131 Fromont—Phone 556
Moon's Bar. Salt Lako Hiway N L V—Ph 571
NEVADA BAR. 115 N 1st—Phono 243
Overland Bar. 4 Fromont—Phono 900
Sal Sagev Tavern Inc., 1 Fromont—Phone 609
SILVER CLUB. 108 N 1st
SILVER DOLLAR BAR. 104 N 1st—Phono 318
Star Bar. Tho, 223 N 1st—Phone 661
TIVOLI TAVERN. 126 N 1st—Phono 396
Vegas Bar, 118 N 1st
Westside Tavern. 206 Wilson Ave Wostsido—
Phone 236
Apache Barbor Shop. 126 Fromont
Barber Shop. 119 S 2nd
DeLuxe Barbor Shop. 26 Fremont
Exchange Barber, 123*/2 S 1st
Gore's Barber Shop. 415 Fromont
Harris Barber Shop. 104 S 2nd—Phono 640
Harry's Elite Barber Shop. 120 N 1st
Main ti Barbor Shop. Salt Lako Hiway N L V
Manuel’s Barber Shop. 226 N 1st
O K Barber Shop. 105 Fromont
Sal Sagev Barbor Shop. 7 Fremont—Ph 499
Apache Beauty Salon. Downstairs Apache
Hotel Bldg—Phone 225
Bon Marche Beauty Salon. 421 S Sth—Ph 841
Phono 336
Eddie’s Beauty Salon, 221 Fromont—Ph 978
Hillman Beauty Shop. 120 S 3rd—Phono 698
May's Beauty Shoppe, 126 S 2nd—Phone 482
Norman Studio for Cosmtcs, Merle, 123 N 3rd
Regina Naples Cosmetics, 118 N 3rd—Ph 926
Sal Sagev Beauty Shop, 103 S Main—Ph 499
Snyder Wave Shop, L.. 303 Lewis—Phone 484
104Vs S 2nd—Phono 640
Zula Beauty Shop. 314 S 2nd—Phono 497
Alamo Cabins, 1412 S 5th
Ambassador Auto Ct, 916 Fromont—Ph 842
N. L. V.
Barrett’s Camp. 705 Clark Ave Westside
Bates Auto Camp, 1408 S 5th (L A Hiway)
Phone 398
S Sth
Cal-Neva Auto Court (L A Hiway) 1405 S
Cohn s Auto Court (changed to St. James
Motel) 216 N 5th—Phone 428
Cowboy Bill’s Ranch. Clark Ave
DeLuxe Court, 1701 S 5th (L A Hiway)—647
DOWNTOWN CAMP. 300 N Main—Ph 196
El Tovar Auto Court, 608 S 5th
5th St Auto Camp, 401 N 5th
Fremont Auto Court, bet 12th and 13th on
Fremont—Phone 231
GATEWAY AUTO COURT. 928 S 5th—Ph 264
Green Gables. 1103 Fremont
Home Motel. 1401 S 5th—Phone 311
Hub Auto Court. 402 N 6th—Phone 519
Ideal Court. 715 S 1st—Phone 451
J. B. Ranch, Clark Ave 7 W of 8th Westside
Lido Auto Court, 405 S 5th
Lincoln Auto Court. 1400 S 5th
Model Motor Inn, 513 S 5th
Monte Carlo Tourist Hotol Court, 1 mi from
Fremont on S Main
Motel. The. 621 S 5th
Nash Auto Court, 1400 S 5th—Phone 857
Nevada Motel, 704 S 5th—Phone 833
Normandie Auto Court, 708 S Sth
Oasis Auto Court. Salt Lake Hiway, N L V
Phono 730
Old Ranch Auto Camp, N Sth ]/z mi N of
city—Phone 488
PARIS AUTO CAMP. Salt Lake Hiway N L V
—Phone 831
Palace Auto Court, 527 S 5th
Rose Court, Rose St N L V
ST. JAMES MOTEL 216 N 5th—Phone 428
Shady Court, cor 4th and Lewis—Phone 941
Spiers Auto Court, 620 S 5th
Stafford Auto Court, L A Hiway (opp Red
Nevada Bar            Sam Stearns, Prop.                                                                                        Vegas Sweet Shop
Ethel's Liquor                                                                                                                                                 Shell Service station
Apache Casino, 122 Fremont—Phone 915
Bank Club, 17 Fremont—Phone 516
Boulder Club, 118 Fremont—Phone 335
LAS VEGAS CLUB. 21 Fremont—Phone 28
Northern Club, 15 Fremont—Phone 85
SILVER CLUB. 108 N 1st
Desert Adjustment Bureau, Delkin Bldg—924
VEGAS SWEET SHOP. Ill Fremont—Ph 107
Penney, J. C.( 317 Fremont—Phone 194
Ronzone's, 209 Fremont—Phone 599
Sears-Roebuck & Co., 16-18 Fremont—Ph 930
BOULDER DRUG CO.. 12! Fremont—Ph 88
Las Vegas Pharmacy, 32 Fremont-Phone 31
OVERLAND DRUG. 10 Fremont—Phone 402
Professional Drug Co, 421 Fremont—Ph 378
Read City Drug. 231 Fremont—Phone 767
While Cross Drug, 201 Fremont—Phone 97
ADAMS CASH & CARRY. 1016 Fremont—445
Allis Grocery, Salt Lake Highway N L V—167
B & H Grocery Store, 402 Clark Ave Westside
—Phone 314
Barney's Grocery, Salt Lake Highway N L V—
Phono 569
Bates Grocery. 1408 S 5th—Phone 398
Carlone Bros. 2nd St. Grocery, 404 S 2nd—124
Colonial Cash Grocery, 631 S 4th—Ph 675
Gilbert Bros., 328 Clark Ave Westside—188
Johnson 8 Grocery, 634 S 5th—Phone 766
L & K Market. 2nd and Bridger—Phone 458
MARKET SPOT. 117-119 Carson—Phone 300
MESQUITE GROCERY. 127-129 S 1st—Ph 15
Modern Food Store, 315 Fremont—Phone 429
North Las Vegas Grocery, Salt Lake Highway
—Phone 726 N L V
Pinjuv Cash Grocery 715 Ogden—Phone 62
SAFEWAY STORES. 213 Fremont—Phono 320
Sargent Grocery. 624 S 1st—Phone 620
Second St. Grocery. N 2nd and Stewart
Sewell's United Stores, 305 Fremont—Ph 61
Las Vegas Hardware Co.. 203 Fremont—219
ULLOM HARDWARE. 104 Fremont—Phono 44
Clark Co. Hospital. Charleston Blvd 1 mile
west—Phono 193
LAS VEGAS HOSPITAL. 201-209 N 8th—Ph 20
Apache, 102-104 N 2nd—Phone 680
Belle-Vue. 215 N 2nd—Phone 178
Boulder, now El Patio
Charleston, 119 S 1st
Company (U P Ry) Rooming House 401 S 2nd
Elko Rooms, 120 S 1st
El Patio (formerly Boulder Hotel), 115 N 2nd
—Phone 645
Fremont, 127 Fremont—Phone 559
Grand, 219 Fremont—Phone 393
Las Vegas, 19 Fremont
Lincoln, 307 S Main—Phone 403
MacDonald. 211 N 5th—Phone 340
Montana. 303 S Main—Phone 453
National. 131 S 3rd—Phone 140
Northern. 15V2 Fremont
O K Beds, 209'/2 S 1st
Oak 30 Fremont—Phone 341
OVERLAND HOTEL, cor N Main and Fremont—Phone 59 PARK HOTEL. 232 S 2nd—Phone 773
Pioneer 114 N 1st—Phone 405
Ritz, 425 Fremont
Sal Sagev, cor S Main and Fremont—Ph 10
SHADY MOOR LODGE. 325 S 2nd—Ph 744
Silver State Rooms. 211 S 1st
Stag Rooms, 5 Carson
White House, The. 109 Bridger—Phone 223
Wollman, 323 Fremont—Phone 122
UNION HOTEL. 227 S Main—Phone 260
Virginia, 319 S Main
Apache Style Shop, 124 Fremont—Phone 858
Fanny's Dress Shop, 211 Fremont—Phone 659
Ferguson's Dress Shop, 105 Fremont—Ph 474
Hollywood Style Shop, 313 Fremont—Ph 688
Ronzone's, 209 Fremont—Phone 599
Russell, 221 Fremont—Phone 646
Singleton’s Dress Shop, 324 Fremont—Ph 553
Vogue Shop, Tho, 208 S 2nd
Las Vegas Aqe, 411 Fremont—Phone 7 Las Vegas Evening Review-Joumal, 113 S
1st—Phono 6
LORENZI PARK RESORT. 2 ½  mi W of Las Vegas Westside
Apache Cafe, 128 Fremont—Phone 687
Bill’s Place. 217 N Main
Boulder Grill, 120V2 Fremont
Busy Bee Cafe, 105 N 1st
Frank'3 Cafe, 122 S 1st
Gypsy Village Lunch Room. 20 Stewart
High School Lunch, 626 Bridger
Jack Pot Cafe, 118 N 1st (rear of Bar)
New Overland Cafe, 6 Fremont—Phono 43
Oklahoma Cafe, 220 N 1st—Phone 782
Moon's Cafe, Salt Lake Highway—517 N L V
Nevada Tavern. Salt Lake Highway—613 N L V
Red Top Inn, 1025 Fremont
Sal Sagev Trail Cafe, 13 Fremont
Sal Sagev Restaurant, 5 Fremont—Phone 10
Silver Cafe, 106 N 1st—Phone 662
Spanish Kitchen. 113 N 1st
State Cafe. 20 Fremont—Phone 582
Tips Barbecue, 1409 S 5th
Tourist Lunch Room, 301 N Main
Town Barbecue. 506 Fremont
White Spot Cafe. 109 Fremont—Phone 565
Wimpy’s Famous Foods, 210 Fremont—Ph 384
Boulder Drug
Monte Monhollen
104 North First 1st
Silver Bar
Jimmy Fare, Prop.
Golden Camel
110 North 1st Street
Las Vegas Statistics
From the 1938 Las Vegas City Directory
Form of government: Mayor and Board of Commissioners.
Population: Estimated 11,000. Census 1910—800, 1920—2,304, 1930—5,177.
Altitude: 2,033 feet.
Area: 14 square miles.
Climate: Average rainfall—4.79 inches. Average sunshine 94%. Average mean temperature 62. Warm summer, delightful spring and fall, with almost frostless winter.
Assessed valuation: $5,290,000.00.
Assessed valuation Clark County: $14,679,800.00.
Churches: Baptist, Christian Science, Episcopal, Latter Day Saints, Lutheran, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Seven Day Adventists and three miscellaneous denominations.
Hotels: Eighteen modern hotels, majority of which are air conditioned.
Hospitals: Two—one private and one county.
Newspapers: One daily and one weekly.
Postal receipts: 1937—$54,557.94
Water supply: Abundance from artesian wells.
      Railroads—Union Pacific Railroad.
      Busses—Union Pacific, Burlington Trailways and Overland, transcontinental.
           Las Vegas-Tonopah-Reno stage line, points north.
       Airlines—Western Air Express and Transcontinental & Western Airways.
Telephones in service: 1,000.
Auto license plates issued 1937: 5,100, valued at $25,467.00.
Recreational facilities: Two theatres, country club, three swimming pools, golf club, winter sports in Mt. Charleston Park area, summer aquatic sports and fishing on Lake Mead.
Educational facilities: Number of schools, 10, including kindergarten, grammar, junior and senior high schools. Total attendance, approximately 2,000.
Industry: Approximately 600 retail and wholesale outlets, based upon business licenses issued by city clerk's office. Monthly average payroll is estimated at $210,000. Per capita wealth is as high as the average of Nevada, which leads all states.
Code symbol: The initials L Vg and N L Vg are known all over the world as standard abbreviations for Las Vegas and North Las Vegas.
Junior Chamber of Commerce, ninth regional district, April 8, 9, 10.
Nevada State Music and Art Festival, April 22 and 23
Helldorado (Elks and Horsemen's Rodeo), April 28, 29, 30, and May 1.
Nevada State Federation of Labor, May 7, 8 and 9.
Nevada State American Legion, June 9, 10 and 11.
Twentieth Synod of the Province of the Pacific, May 10, 11 and 12.
Business and Professional Women's State Convention, June 18 and 19.
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