22 Fremont


Las Vegas, NV


Bob Stupak's Glitter Gulch


1980 to 1981

Bob Stupak's Glitter Gulch opened Oct 1, 1980 and operated
with slots Blackjack, Poker and Craps until Aug. 15, 1981 according to the Fuller Index.
In 1982 Herb Pastor acquired the Glitter Gulch Casino next door to his Golden Goose Casino
and combined the two locations under the license of the Golden Goose operating it until 1991.
At the time of the sale, Bob Stupak was preoccupied with building
his Stratosphere Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas Blvd.
Bob Stupak and Herb Pastor were very close friends for more than thirty years,
sharing part of everyday together at breakfast or lunch or dinner and sometimes all three meals a day.
The ChipGuide shows the location of Glitter Gulch as 20 Fremont, the former location of the Golden Goose.
Glitter Gulch Golden Goose in 2012  Las Vegas, NV
The Glitter Gulch sign along with Vegas Vicky were still in use as shown in my picture from 2012.
The original Golden Goose sign is shown here as well.
Glitter Gulch Las Vegas, NV 2012
Glitter GUlch $5 chip Las Vegas, NV
Glitter Gulch Las Vegas, NV
Elect Bob Stupak for mayor button.
Bob Stupak was born April 6, 1942, in Pittsburgh, the son of longtime illegal floating craps game operator Chester Stupak and his wife Florence. He died at age 67 in 2009
In his inaugural run for mayor in 1987, Bob Stupak sent gift fruit baskets to potential voters. Stupak also financed the unsuccessful Las Vegas City Council campaigns of his daughter Nicole in 1991 and his son, Nevada, in 1999.
{from Las Vegas Sun-   Ed Koch   Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009}
Glitter Gulch Las Vegas, NV
The half block of Fremont Street from 20 to 32 Fremont has been home to quite a few important and recognizable businesses in the past. The little alley between the Las Vegas Club and the Golden Goose sign is part of the original layout of Las Vegas as surveyed in 1905.  I took the picture below in October 2013 and the list shows some of the businesses that took up residence in this tiny patch over the years.
  20 Fremont
 22 Fremont
 24 Fremont
 32 Fremont 
Las Vegas Coffee Shop
and Bakery
(ca. 1926)
State Cafe'
(ca. 1932-50)
Bogg’s Bros Grocery
(ca. 1926-1931) 
Las Vegas Barbecue
(ca. 1944-1952)
Copper Grill (1953-1954)
(Closed 2016)
Nevada Bakery (ca.1926-1931) 
Nevada Shoe Shop
(ca. 1945-
Dixie Waffle & Sandwich Shop
Dixie Delicatessen
(ca. 1950-1963)
G & G Fremont
(Closed 2016)
26 Fremont
Deluxe Barber (ca. 1932-1945)
Mack Louis Bail Bonds
Jay Jewelry & Loan
28 Fremont
Blanding's Palace Market
(ca. 1930-1932)
Ethels Delicatessen
(ca. 1934)
Ethel’s Liquor Store
(ca. 1937-45)
Thrifty Liquors
(ca. 1952)
Downtown Liquors
30 Fremont
Oak Hotel
(ca. 1930-39)
La Bonita Hotel
(ca. 1944-1954)
Las Vegas Pharmacy
(ca. 1930-1953)
of Sassy Sally's
32 Fremont is the corner of
1st St. & Fremont St.
That corner has changed
many times over the years.
Click here to see
some photos
of that corner
over the last 85 years.
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