2 Fremont    Las Vegas, NV

Overland Hotel 

1920's to 1949?

Listed in the 1939 Nevada phone directory as

Hotel Overland     2 Fremont.............. 59

along with:

Overland Bar    6 Fremont.................900
Overland Cafe    4 Fremont................ 43
Overland Drug Co    10 Fremont...... 402

Overland Hotel and Talk O' the Town
Overland Hotel and Las vegs Club Sal Sagev on Fremont Street
To the left is the Talk O' The Town Bar, a favorite watering hole of early Las Vegas.

It was located in the Overland Hotel in 1949.

Later the Talk O' The Town
was replaced by
The Chatterbox!
Talk O' The Town Bar UNLV  http://digital.library.unlv.edu/u?/sky,1657#sthash.9fNBS0Fq.dpuf
Photo Credit: UNLV Digital collections
This was a pretty busy piece of property.

Many businesses cycled through the Overland Hotel building.

Shown on the right is the "slots only"
Overland Arcade which is listed in
Fuller's Index as opening April 21, 1948 and listed in the phone books through 1954.

Next to the Overland Arcade is
Wing's Cafe and right behind the parade of horses is the second location
of the Las Vegas Club.

...Up at Main and Fremont, from the
Nevada Bar and on the north end of it was
the old Hotel Overland, which was controlled
by John P. Wisner.....
{Charles W. Aplin: An Old Timer of Las Vegas-  University of Nevada Oral History Program - Mary Ellen Glass 1969}
Photo Credit:   UNLV Digital Collections
Overland Arcade, Wing's Cafe, http://digital.library.unlv.edu:81/u?/sky,1586 Las Vegas Club
Overland Cut Rate Drugs Ethel's Liquor Monte Carlo Turtle Races
A great view down Fremont Street highlighting the Overland Hotel during the "Las Vegas Club Turtle Races"!!
In the background is also Cut Rate Drugs, State Cafe, Ethel's Liquors, Monte Carlo Club.
Below is a closeup of the businesses further down the street.
Ethel's Liquor store  Boulder club Cut Rate Drugs Sate cafe Las vegas Fremont street
Overland Hotel Talk O the Town advertising 1949
Overland Hotel Talk O the Town advertising October 1949
Swizzle stick from the Overland Bar in Downtown Las Vegas
Swizzle stick from the Overland Bar in Downtown Las Vegas
The Talk O’ the Town
was a bar in the
Overland Hotel.
The ads are from 1949.
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