Bars and Cocktail Lounges

of Downtown Las Vegas

There have been numerous bars, clubs, cocktail lounges, cafe's, and restaurants in and around downtown Las Vegas over the years. Many had casino gambling or at least slot machines. I don't have information on every one so I thought a good plan would be to at least show some of them within their telephone and city directory listings over the years.

I scanned many of these telephone books and city directories at the Cahlan Research Library at the Nevada State Library,  309 S. Valley View Blvd.(on the campus of the Springs Preserve) Las Vegas, Nevada 89107 
The Cahlan Research Library is a fantastic resource for researchers! My special thanks to Crystal R. Van Dee, Curator of Manuscripts, for her help and patience while I searched through many old documents.

You will certainly notice inconsistencies in the lists below. If you’re looking for a definitive list of clubs etc. over the last 90 years in downtown Las Vegas, keep looking!  I did the best I could with my little hand scanner but many pages didn’t scan and many of them did not turn out.  So think of this as filling in some blanks and adding to the information you may already have.  On subsequent trips to the Cahlan and other libraries I hope to expand the scope of the information here.  In the meantime enjoy!! 
1926 Las Vegas Telephone listings for Clubs - Exchange Pool Hall, Las Vegas Hotel Club
1931 Las Vegas Telephone listings for Clubs
1934 Las Vegas City and Telephone Directory listings for Clubs
1937-1938 Las Vegas Telephone Directory listings for Clubs
1932-1933 Las Vegas City Directory listings for Clubs
Cocktail Lounges and Bars-April 1950 in Las Vegas, NV
1945 Las Vegas Telephone listings for Clubs
1954 Las Vegas Telephone listings for Clubs
The Busy Bee Cafe at 105 N.1st was near the police station in downtown Las Vegas and is listed in the 1954 telephone directory below.  Read more about it in this transcript.

Busy Bee Cafe':   (in the early 1940's) 
        In the morning, we would take the jail prisoners up to the Busy Bee. The jail fronts the street, 115 N. 2nd  and a fellow would take them around and go up the alley. The Busy Bee was right on the corner. We fed the prisoners there; those workers ate in the Busy Bee Cafe morning and night. Now, they didn’t order from the menu; they got whatever.... If you were a working prisoner, that’s what you did. It cost the city 25 cents for each meal.
{excerpted from UNLV Oral History project of George L. Ullom: Politics and Development in Las Vegas, 1930s-1970s  by Jamie Coughtry Published: 1989- UNOHP Catalog #151}

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