18 Fremont Street

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Club

(Second location) 

1949 to


Just to show that I'm not the only one prone to typos...

Look at the full page ad to the left from the 1944 Murphy's Las Vegas Classified Business Directory.

Find the typo? Or maybe more accurately the mis-draw on the beautifully drawn ad?

Scroll down for the answer....

The address in the drawing is 28 Fremont which is the same as the phone number. The address should be 23.
The Las Vegas Club moved across Fremont Street to 18 Fremont Street in 1949.

It's early owners at this location included Tutor Scherer, Mel Exber, Jackie Gaughan, et.al.

Tutor Scherer first made his money in the small town of Rawhide, Nevada during the gold mining boom. However, he never actually did any mining. He would stake a claim and then resell it before the 90 day limit requiring work to begin.

  Scherer loved to gamble and soon lost the money he made in his "mining" ventures. In 1940 he moved to Las Vegas and owned an interest in several properties but the Pioneer was always his favorite. Tutor is responsible for the design of Vegas Vic.

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of the Las Vegas Club
On August 20, 2015 the Las Vegas Club ended a 66 year run at its present location.

The Tamares Group, which also owned and operated the Plaza across Main Street, sold the Las Vegas Club for $40 million to Derek and Greg Stevens.

The Las Vegas Club's 400 hotel rooms, sportsbook, the Dugout diner, and the Great Moments Room restaurant had been closed for several years.

   The Stevens brothers company has been aggressively buying properties downtown and renovating and updating them.  Their holdings include the Golden Gate Casino across from the now closed Las Vegas Club and the D, which was formerly Fitzgerald's.

The sale of the Las Vegas Club property did not include the name or the player database so there will again be a new casino rising in downtown Las Vegas.

In 2016 the Stevens Brothers
bought and closed the The Girl's of Glitter Gulch, 
La Bayou and Mermaids Casino
as they expand their interests down Fremont.

I took the photos below in October 2017 of the ongoing demolition of the Las Vegas club block. 
This included the Girls of Glitter Gulch, a couple of small stores and Mermaids Casino
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