25 Fremont Street

Las Vegas, NV


Pioneer Club  1942-1956

New Pioneer Club  1956-1967

Famous Pioneer Club 1967-1983

Pioneer Club  1983-1995


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A rare color transparency of the Pioneer Club circa 1948. To the far right you can just see the Monte Carlo sign.
A rare color transparency of the Pioneer Club  and to the far right you can just see a portion of the Monte Carlo Club sign.
In the photo above you can just barely see the Beckley's sign on top of the building
behind the frame holding the tall Pioneer Club sign.  Below is a closeup view of the Beckley's sign and a law firm.
Playing cards celebrating the
50th Anniversary of the
Pioneer Club.
 Pioneer Bar 
at 110 S. 1st Las vegas
This match cover is dated 1942.
Thanks to Doug Deems for sharing this  rare match cover from his personal collection with us.
The Pioneer Club building was built in 1918
The Pioneer Club building was built in 1918, and was originally a restaurant.
Later, it became Beckley’s Mens Wear shown in the photo below.
(Image from Vital Vegas)
There's more Pioneer Club!
Beckley’s Mens Furnishings and Shoes  circa 1908-1920 Downtown Las Vegas
This is a film transparency from the Pop Squires photo albums of Beckley’s Mens Furnishings and Shoes and taken from a similar perspective as the photo above but before the additions of the extended porch around the corner.   Click on the photo to link to the UNLV  Special Collections archives and source of the photo.
In the close-up of the Beckley's sign to the left, note the sign for the law firm of Jones, Wiener & Jones on the side of the Pioneer Club. The building was still referred to as the “Beckley Building” in the 1944 Las Vegas telephone directory.
There are listings for:
  • Clifford A Jones, Atty
208 Beckley Bldg - telephone 591
  • Louis Wiener, Jr Atty
208 Beckley Bldg -  telephone 1657
I didn't find a listing for the other “Jones”
In the 1945 Murphy’s Business Directory there is a listing for:
  • Louis Wiener, Jr Atty
208 Beckley Bldg - telephone 1657.

Below are more collectibles celebrating the history

of the Pioneer Club in downtown Las Vegas

A stunning Pioneer Club linen postcard from 1942.
The Pioneer Club was located on the corner of Fremont & South 1st.
In the postcard above it shows a sign on the South 1st. side saying, "Cocktail Lounge and Bar".
In the closeup Pioneer Club photo from the early 1950's there is the "Original Pioneer Steak House" and the arrow pointing to the "Cocktail Lounge" on the same corner.
The match cover to the left is from the "Pioneer Bar" 
at 110 S. 1st. which would match well with the cocktail lounge and bar for the Pioneer Club.  
Below is a photograph showing the cocktail lounge
for the Pioneer Club on the S. 1st. side of the building.
An early souvenir safety razor kit from the "Famous Pioneer Club"
This is one of the oldest
Pioneer Club matchcovers.
This is one of the last or newest Pioneer Club matchovers. Notice that it is a frontstrike cover...
The four matchbook covers below cover the years in between!
These fun address books and bar guides from the Pioneer Club have survived over 60 years.
They were a nice premium give away for the players. They also stuck around in pockets and purses to remind players where to go and play!
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