200 S 1st

Las Vegas, NV

Hotel Elwell

1946 to 1965

Hotel Elwell Las Vegas, NV casino ad
Hotel Elwell Las Vegas, NV Matchcover creme
Hotel Elwell Las Vegas, NV Matchcover Green
202 Bar at the Hotel Elwell Las Vegas, NV Matchcover
Hotel Elwell Las Vegas “Do Not Disturb” door hanger and a postcard all in one!
Here’s a collectible I had never seen before ChipBoyJim shared it with me.

It’s a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger and a postcard all in one!

Postmark on the card is 1953!
ChipBoy Jim Collection
There were only three known types of chips used at the Hotel Elwell and they are shown below
Courtesy of the ChipBoy Jim Collection!
The hotel Elwell was located at 200 S. 1st St. at Carson behind the Pioneer Club.
In 1965 the pioneer club purchased the hotel Elwell and renamed it the pioneer club hotel. The hotel was sold and became the Golden Hotel.
The Golden Nugget bought the Golden Hotel in 1984 and built a parking garage on the site.
Hotel Elwell Las Vegas matchcovers
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