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Foxy Dog

1964 to 19


The Foxy Dog is mentioned in a great article about
Fremont Street History in the Casino Chip and Token News in the Fall 2006 issue.
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You could play the slots and pinball while having Chicago Vienna hot dogs!
According to an article in the April 14th, 1964 Las Vegas Sun,  Abe and Jerry Fox applied for a license for 18 slot machines at the downtown location with an investment of $7,500.00 each. Jerry’s wife, Marjorie, was named as a corporate officer with no investment.
As early as May 27, 1964 the Las Vegas Sun had a short blurb that
 “the hottest dog in town is now at the Foxy Dog next to Trader Bill’s on the corner of 4th and Fremont. Leave it to ‘ol wise Abe Fox to come up with the right ‘doghouse bite’ here.”
The downtown location at 326 Fremont was licensed from June 16, 1964 through Sept 30, 1975 and then again from October 1, 1975 through June 30, 1989. Since those licenses are back to back, that usually indicates a change in ownership or at least the corporate structure.
The Las Vegas Sun reported an application on March 2, 1966 as follows:
"Strip Foxy Dog- 2425 S. Las Vegas Blvd, for eight Slots, Abe Jerry and Evelyne Fox"
Later that year on June 10, 1966 the Las Vegas Sun reported that Abe, Evelyn and Jerry Fox applied to expand from 14 to 18 slot machines at the strip location Foxy Dog in Las Vegas.  So this indicates that as early as 1966 they already had at least 14 slots in place.
Abe Fox at the Foxy Dog #2 on the strip received approval for 19 slot machines on December 20, 1968 according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun.
The Foxy Dog was no stranger to crimes committed against it…
The Las Vegas Sun reported on March 18, 1965:
The night janitor for a Casino Center snack bar was booked for investigation of embezzlement Tuesday after the owner of the eatery reported $250 missing from the cash register.  Guy P. Trierweiler, 34, an admitted ex-felon, according to police, was arrested by officer Roy Waller while Trierweiler was trying to lock the door of the Foxy Dog at 326 Fremont St., about 8:25 a.m.   Chief of Detectives Lt. Paul Gulas alleged that the suspect was in “a somewhat tipsy condition” when the officer arrived followed shortly by the owner Jerry Fox. After Fox checked his cash drawer and reported the money missing, the suspect was booked into city jail. His booking also included charges of failure to register as an ex-felon and being disorderly, Gulas said.
In an article on March 28, 1965 the Foxy Dog was the victim of an armed robbery as reported in the Las Vegas Sun.
      In another early morning robbery, a “ well-dressed” bandit took an estimated $85 from the Foxy Dog at 326 E Fremont St. after threatening an employee, Wayne Miller, with a revolver.   Miller related to police that the bandit had said,  “I have a gun under this hat” referring to a grey derby he was holding.  Miller was forced to the floor and the holdup man took $85.00 in cash.
In May of 1970 Jerry Fox was among a group of merchants signing a petition to the Las Vegas Transit system requesting bus stops on Fremont street.
The Foxy Dog was a small hot dog shop owned by Abe and Evelyn Fox and their son Jerry and wife Marjorie Fox. Like many of the small downtown establishments it had slot machines and pinball for their customers. I've never seen any tokens from the Foxy Dog and that may be because their slots were “Famus Penny Slots” (their spelling, not mine) as shown on the sign above the door in the photo above. The Foxy Dog at 326 Fremont had a very long run downtown from 1964 through 1989.
“Grand Opening” advertisement for the downtown location of the Foxy Dog.
“Grand Opening” advertisement for the downtown location of the Foxy Dog.
The Las Vegas Sun     July 17, 1964 
Owner of the Foxy Dog at 326 Fremont is Jerry Fox.
View down Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas in June 1973
Starting from the end at the corner with Main Street ~ 
Las Vegas Club  18 Fremont  ~  Mecca Slots 20 Fremont
Del Webb’s Mint  100 Fremont ~ Binion’s Horseshoe  128 Fremont 
Fremont Hotel 200 Fremont ~ Fremont Theater 224 Fremont ~ Red Garter Casino 234 Fremont ~ El Portal Theater 310 Fremont ~ Christensen's Mens Wear 316 Fremont 
Gallenkamp Shoes 322 Fremont ~ Foxy Dog 326 Fremont 
Original tourist photo taken June 1973 © Over50Vegas.com
The Story of the Foxy's (I think)
As I researched the records including gaming licenses, newspapers and phone books it became apparent that the name Foxy was getting a little overused!
Here's my best summary especially as it concerns the location on the Strip and its relationship to the downtown location:
Foxy's, Foxy Dog and Foxy's Firehouse were 3 separate entities.
1) Foxy's at 2423 S Las Vegas Blvd. was owned 100% by Abe Fox from 1955 to 1966.   Abe Fox was the owner of the downtown Foxy Dog.  Foxy's on the strip was in business about 9 years before the Foxy Dog started downtown.
2) Foxy Dog #2 at 2427 S Las Vegas Blvd. was owned by Abe Fox from 1966 to 1976.
3) Foxy’s Firehouse Casino at 2423 S Las Vegas Blvd. was owned by Donald S. Gilday, Mike V. Stober. Earl Wilson and Melvin Wolzinger for 25% each from 1976 to 1988    The application for a gaming license for Foxy’s Firehouse Casino included 150 slots and four 21 games.
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