235 S Main St

Las Vegas, NV


Nevada Hotel Casino

1974 to 2009

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The Nevada Hotel / Hotel Nevada used both versions of the name much like the other Hotel Nevada / Nevada Hotel at 1 Fremont St. many years earlier.
You can look at the collectibles below to notice the interchanging of the names from year to year.
Hotel Nevada and Casino was licensed off and on for a fairly long run.  Here are some dates according to gaming records from Fuller's Index Plus which show both versions of the name:
It was licensed for slots, 21, craps, roulette, Keno and Big 6.
Hotel Nevada and Casino July 2, 1974 to March 31, 1979 (July 1, 1974 to 1977 -Boyd)    (1977 to April 1, 1979- Gaughan)
On August 31, 1978 an article in the Reno Gazette-Journal stated:
“The Nevada Hotel in downtown Las Vegas has been sold for $4 million to a group of five prominent Las Vegas businessmen...  John D. Gaughan has the largest share with 39%... there are a total of 50 shareholders, including former Nevada Lt. Governor Ed Fike.  The eight-story hotel was constructed in 1973.”
Hotel Nevada and Casino April 1, 1979 to June 19, 1986   (Arthur Lieber et al.)
On Nov. 8, 1979 an article in the Reno Gazette-Journal stated:
...the Gaming Control Board criticized Art Lieber for apparent delays in correcting problems at his Rainbow Club in Henderson and Hotel Nevada Sports Pool in Las Vegas.”
Hotel Nevada and Casino (Sports Pool) Aug. 23, 1979 to Nov. 19, 1979
Hotel Nevada  Oct. 1, 1987 to Feb. 20, 1992
Nevada Hotel  and Casino   Feb. 21, 1992 to Feb. 24, 1994
Nevada Hotel  and Casino  March 1, 1996 to May 23, 1996
Nevada Hotel  and Casino  April, 1, 1998 to March 25, 1999
Nevada Hotel  and Casino  ?? to Sept. 1, 1999
Nevada Hotel  and Casino  March 23, 2001 to March 31, 2006
Nevada Hotel  and Casino  Feb. 27, 2007 to Feb. 27, 2007?
Nevada Hotel  and Casino  Feb 6, 2009 to Feb 6, 2009?
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