1 Fremont Street   Las Vegas, NV


Golden Gate Casino


1955 to present

Below are a few of my collectibles from the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.           
Below is my photo of Fremont Street at Main taken in 2012.  
The Las Vegas Club is on the left and the Golden Gate Hotel Casino on the right.
To the far right side of the Golden Gate is the five-story addition completed in 2012 that expanded the  
property by 30,000 square feet and includes 16 suites.
Compare the shot below to the similar views over the past 80 years in the postcards below it.
The postcard to the left shows the Sal Sagev and the Golden Gate in 1967 after one of its many remodels.  
By the early 1990's the metal screen facade would be removed and more of the original building allowed to show through.  
In 1955 Italo Ghelfi came from San Francisco and along with other California investors opened the Golden Gate Casino on the ground floor of the Sal Sagev.
The casino officially opened on
October 7, 1955. 
Symbols of San Francisco, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and trolley cars, were pictured on chips, dice, matchbooks and many other items used in the casino.  Some of the early items, including chips, coin cups, and ashtrays, used the name Golden Gate Club. The casino was smaller than it is now, as there were other businesses located within the building. 
Ghelfi operated the Golden Gate Casino with his partners Alfred Durante, Leo Massaro, Robert Picardo, Fred Detore, Bernard F Perata, A. A. Harris, and Remi Gacherieu, until 1990 when the Ghelfi family bought out the partners interest.
In 2005, 50 years after Italo Ghelfi and others opened the Golden Gate Casino, Mark Brandenburg, Ghelfi's step-son, was running the Golden Gate.
In September 2008, Mark Brandenburg sold half interest in the Golden Gate to Desert Rock Enterprises owned by brothers Derek and Greg Stevens formerly of Detroit, MI.
The brothers' corporation would later buy Fitzgeralds and rename it the “D”.
Golden Gate Casino Las Vegas changes from 2012 to 2013
The same small part of Fremont Street covering almost a century.
May of 2018 and the Golden Gate continues to expand.
Check out the last 90 years of a little section of Fremont Street below.
Scroll down this set of photos showing the same small part of Fremont Street covering almost a century.
The "Alley" icon will help to orient your view over the years. The alley stayed the same until it was built over.
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