117 N. 1st St.

Las Vegas, NV


8 Ball Bar   /   Eight Ball Bar

ca. 1942-1949

Information on the 8 Ball Bar (Eight Ball Bar) is a little slim.
A quick search finds various directory listings from 1942 through 1949
and many people find it interesting that their phone number was 808.
The ashtray below is extremely rare and in great condition
Collectible 8 Ball Bar ashtray-1940's
This is information I transcribed from the Las Vegas City Commission Minutes
August 11, 1942 to October 26, 1949 Courtesy of the UNLV Digital Collections.    http://n2t.net/ark:/62930/d1zq15              http://n2t.net/ark:/62930/d1v091
Oct 6, 1942:
Eight Ball Bar approved for 8 slot machines.
"Commissioner Rubidoux moved that the following renewals of gaming renewals licenses be granted. Motion seconded by Commissioner Tinch and carried....By the following vote... Commissioners Rubidoux, Tinch and his Honor, acting Mayor Smith voting aye. Noes, none.
April 5, 1943:      Renewal   A. Kroloff   11 slots machines.
June 28,1946:     Renewal   A. Kroloff   8 slots
Dec 30, 1946:      Renewal   A. Kroloff   6 slots
March 28, 1947    Renewal   A. Kroloff   6 slots
In the same gambling license renewal meeting on March 28, 1947, A. Kroloff also was approved for 1 to 8 slots in these other properties:
Sept 29, 1947    Renewal   A. Kroloff   5 slots
March 29,1948  Renewal  Kroloff Distributing  5 slots
Dec 29,1948     Renewal  Kroloff Distributing  5 slots
Searching some old newspapers shows that Abe Kroloff and his brother, Robert Kroloff had interests in much more than just the 8 Ball Bar.
In 1948 Kroloff and two partners listed a capital stock investment of $30,000 to incorporate Frontier Foods Inc.
His partners were: Albert S. Gordon and Fred T. Smith.
{Nevada State Journal April 4, 1948}
In 1954, Paul R. Gang and Abe Kroloff, were approved for a gambling license for the Shamrock Hotel, Las Vegas.
In the same issue, Abe's brother Robert Kroloff was approved for a 3% stake in the Last Frontier.
{Nevada State Journal July 2, 1954}
Later in 1954 Abe sort of had a stake in the Last Frontier.
Abe Kroloff loaned Jacob Kozloff $15,000 and his brother Robert Kroloff loaned Mr. Kozloff $45,000 for a stake in the Last Frontier. 
Jacob Kozloff borrowed most of the money he used for his original 41% interest in the Last Frontier.  This all came out in a hearing before Gov. Charles H. Russell on Nov 31, 1954.  
{Reno Evening Gazette  Dec 1, 1954}
Sam Prezant was "flatly denied" his gaming application for a ⅓ interest in the Shamrock Hotel.  An "investigation of financial interest by him in the place was ordered." 
The current licensees were still Paul R. Gang and Abe Kroloff.
{Reno Evening Gazette  Feb 3, 1955}
The tavern/liquor license is not always owned by the same person as the gaming license:
April 22, 1946
"Commissioner Baskin moved that the application of Roy F. Fitzgerald for the Retail Liquor License
at the Eight Ball Bar, 117 North 1st Street, be granted... Motion seconded... and carried."
Dec 30, 1946:  
Tavern license renewed by Roy F. Fitzgerald
April 18, 1949:  
Liquor applications for the 2nd quarter of 1949, change of owners were presented to the Board for their consideration:
Harold Estle Mathis       Eight Ball Bar 117 No. 1st    Retail Tavern
Commissioner Clark moved that the foregoing applications be referred to the Police Department for investigation and recommendation.
Motion seconded by Commissioner Whipple and carried by the following vote: Commissioners Baskin, Clark, Whipple and His Honor voting aye; noes, none. Absent: Commissioner Moore.
April 22, 1949:
Commissioner Clark moved that pursuant to the favorable recommendation of the Police Liquor Department that the application of Harold E. Mathis, Eight Ball Bar, for a retail tavern  liquor license, 2nd quarter of 1949 be granted.
May 20, 1949:   
Commissioner Moore moved that the request of Harold E. Mathis, 8-Ball Bar, 117 North 1st.
Change of Name & Address 1st to move to 203 North 1st and change name of bar to "Dan Dee Bar" be denied.    Motion lost for lack of a second.  Thereafter Commissioner Baskin moved that the foregoing request be tabled until the meeting of the Board to be held on June 6, 1949.
Dec 29, 1949: 
Tavern license renewed by Gartman, Fitzgerald & Souza
If you'd like to read over a few thousand pages of Las Vegas City Commission Minutes,
head on over to the fabulous UNLV Digital Collections.    
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