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113 S. 1st St.

Las Vegas, NV


Derby Turf Club



to 1982

The Fuller Index Plus also shows another license with no new owner named from April 3, 1958 through June 29, 1982 at the 113 S. 1st location.
In December of 1962 the Derby Turf Club was owned 75% by Harry Hurley and 25% by Frank Cobert.
In an article of December 18, 1962, partner Frank Cobert was approved by the gaming commission to buy an additional 25% interest from his partner Harry Hurley for $17,500. Harry Hurley also sold out his remaining 50% interest to Harry Gordon for $40,000.
In an article in June 26, 1965 Frank Cobert was described as a "former" licensee of the Derby Turf Club and he was applying along with William Dark to open the North Las Vegas Race and Sports Book.
The ad shown at the left says “Established in 1949.”
However the first telephone listing is in 1954 which would agree with the licensing information that shows the first license in December  of 1953. 
Unfortunately, the clipped advertisement did not have a date on it so I have no idea when it was published.
Take a look at the phone numbers on this old matchbook.
Just 85 and 663.
No area codes or prefixes yet.
You can follow the age of matchbooks or other advertising just by looking at the phone numbers.
The first one above
is Phone 85.
The middle still has the 85 but it's now expanded to DUdley 2-0185
At this point they have dropped the "words" from phone exhanges and have just gone with numbers.   But still no area code yet.
So it's a little newer and show's owner
Jimmy Shoughro.
Derby Turf matchcovers
Derby Turf Club
The best date I have for the opening
of the Derby Turf Club is December of 1953. 
Fullers Index Plus and newspaper articles of approved licenses give Louis Nier and David Stearns each 50% ownership and approval on December 10, 1953.
This is the only Derby Turf ashtray that I have come across.
It was given to me by the amazing and generous Doug Deems during the
2022 CCA Convention in Las Vegas.
Derby Turf Ashtray- Black Stacker

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