108 N. 1st St.

Las Vegas, NV


Joe Morgan's Silver Club 

1932 to 1933

Wing Fong's Silver Club 

1933 to 1947

Silver Club 

1934 to 1956

Silver Club  108 N. 1st St.  1934 to 1956 
          James L. Young, Wing Fong, Woods
Joe Morgan's  Silver Club
108 N. 1st St. 1932 to 1933  
            Joe Morgan, et.al             
Wing Fong's Silver Club
108 N. 1st St. 1933 to 1947 
              Wing Fong, James L. Young   Opened: 1934, Closed: 1956
Originally open 1932-1933 @ 32 E. Fremont Street
Arriving in Las Vegas in 1922, Sui Hui Fong opened the Rainbow Cafe at First and Carson with a forty-dollar investment. In 1926 his older brother Sui Mon…. joined him. A year later the two brothers sent for Gim Fong and another young brother to help them with the prospering business. ...
...During the Great Depression many locals were often short of money, so the Fongs served meals free of charge. As a result they developed a reputation for their kindness and generosity throughout the community….
The construction of the Hoover Dam between 1931 and 1935 brought a large number of workers to the area… the brothers…opened the Silver Cafe in 1934 on land leased from Mrs. Charles Morgan on North First and Fremont. One of only three “large restaurants” in town, it was noted for its all-electric kitchen and twenty-four-hour service. By 1938 the restaurant could accommodate ninety- four customers and even had slot machines for entertainment….
       In 1939 Sui Mon Fong sent for his thirteen-year-old nephew, Wing Fong (1925-2005), to help out at the restaurant. 
….Without knowing the language, Wing Fong worked his way through school and became a major figure in the
business community, as well as a well-known philanthropist....
It was Wing Fong who eventually rose to prominence as a business leader and real-estate developer in the Las Vegas community.    …..In partnership with his two uncles, he opened Fongs Garden in 1955 on Charleston near Fremont…..He and his associates started Nevada State Bank in 1962 and Frontier Savings and Loan two years later....
Excerpts from The Peoples of Las Vegas: One City, Many Faces By Jerry L. Simich, Thomas C. Wright   
and Wing Fong obituary by  Ed Koch and Eric Leake in the Las Vegas Sun Wednesday, May 25, 2005
An interior shot of the Silver Club circa 1930s courtesy of UNLV digital collections
An interior shot of the Silver Club circa 1930s courtesy of UNLV digital collections.
Photo of Pioneer Hotel at 114 N. 1st, Silver Club At 108 N 1st and Silver Cafe at 106 N. 1st.
Silver Club along with the Golden Camel and La Bonita Hotel on N 1st in early Las Vegas.
In the photo below you can see the Silver Club along with the Golden Camel and
thesign for La Bonita Hotel, 30 E. Fremont at the corner with Fremont Street and North 1st Street.
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