Cinnabar “Truly Western” match covers

105 S. 1st St. / 122 N. 2nd St.

Las Vegas, NV



See also:  Cinnabar Club  at 111 E. Ogden Ave.
Telephone, Criss-cross, and Business Directory listings show the Cinnabar located at:
1941 through 1946 Las Vegas Phonebook........105 S. 1st  Phone:722
1947 through 1954 Las Vegas Phonebook........122 N 2nd   Phone:722
1955 through 1961 Las Vegas Phonebook........122 N 2nd   Phone:DU4-5722
Directory listings for this address end with the 1961 listing.
Article from 1952 about the Cinnabar on North Second street Las Vegas
This article from April 1952
notes the Restaurant Cinnabar
opens "next" to the
Cinnabar cocktail lounge.
Gus Corey even had a
sky beacon from
Young Electric Sign Company!
Cinnabar 1944 Phone listing las vegas
This business card from the Restaurant Cinnabar was shared with me by downtown Las Vegas history enthusiast Art Nelson during the
2017 Casino Collectibles Convention in Las Vegas.
What is most interesting about it is that it continues the western motif but the address shows 120 N. 2nd instead of 122 N. 2nd.
This corresponds to the 1952 article below reporting the opening of the
'Restaurant Cinnabar'
next to the
Cinnabar cocktail lounge.
business card from the Restaurant Cinnabar
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