history of Las Vegas 
and the people, events, and icons that make Las Vegas the place it is today.
Over50Vegas.com explores the history of the downtown Las Vegas area and combines the history with the many collectibles that have appeared over the years.
We visit with the early people, places, events, and icons that made Las Vegas the place it is today.
Over50Vegas is intended to be place where the hobby of collecting casino
and entertainment related items combines with a century of colorful history!
You are invited to participate, if you care to, by sharing your information, stories, photos, corrections, etc. simply by sending an e-mail.
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When you think of downtown Las Vegas today, or in its golden days,

how many casinos come to mind?

Picture the iconic glitter and neon from movies and TV shows from the past or from today. For most people, even frequent visitors to Glitter Gulch, just a handful of names pop up. The Pioneer, the Golden Nugget, the Las Vegas Club. So like many others I figured that the downtown area over the years probably had 20 or 30 different casinos.
I looked into it a little further and as I started collecting more memborabilia from
bygone days and bygone casinos the number grew to more than 100!
This site is very much a work in progress.
On each page you will find a drop down list of casinos at the top and bottom of the page to make navigation easier for you.
Use the menu to select a property to read about and some some of the collectibles that are associated with it.
You can also use the Search Box at the top of any page to search for specific words or names on the site.
Please feel free to use the contact link at the bottom of every page to let me know of any errors, oversights, information that you think should be added, or to be notified when the site is updated.
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Newspaper Archive    Newspapers.com   UNLV Digital Collection    UNLV Reno   Las Vegas Sun     mypubliclibrary.com   
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