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Las Vegas, NV

Shamrock Hotel

1951 to c. 1953

Formerly the Nevada Biltmore Hotel
Nevada Biltmore becomes the Shamrock Hotel in Las Vegas
Shamrock Hotel -Las Vegas  614 N. Main
Shamrock Hotel -Las Vegas  614 N. Main
According to the Fuller Index the Shamrock was licensed for slots, 21, Craps,
and Big 6 Wheel.

Jan 8, 1951 through Jan 7, 1952
Gang et al

Jan 7, 1952 through 1953
Vegas Enterprises
Advertising for the Shamrock Hotel -Las Vegas  614 N. Main
This ad from Dec 5, 1953 shows the Shamrock still operating, although it doesn't mention any gambling.

The address of the
"Shillelah Room" is
600 N. Main and not 614.
March 1, 1950:
Clem Malone, Roscoe Wagner, and James Spitler apply for a gaming license for the Shamrock Hotel.
March 1, 1950:
Clem Malone, Roscoe Wagner, and James Spitler apply for a gaming license for the Shamrock Hotel.

On April 19, 1952 the license was approved for Clem Malone and Frances Malone.
Nov 21, 1950:
The Shamrock Hotel Corporation includes
H. I. Wiley, Howard G. Baxter and Charles Trumbley.

I am not sure if this is the same Shamrock Hotel since these names have not appeared elsewhere in connection with the Shamrock Hotel.

I wonder if big bandleader Horace Heidt ever regretted the day he became involved with the property at 614 N. Main in Las Vegas.

His history with the property seemed to only make money for his lawyers.

Most sources show that gaming ended at the Shamrock Hotel sometime in 1953 but here is an approval for Paul R. Gang and Abe Kroloff in July of 1954.
Shamrock Hotel Postcard Dated 1962
This Shamrock Hotel postcard is postmarked  1962, long after it had closed.
August 1951 we have manager Clarence Wright and a notation of a casino.
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